Friday, December 7, 2007

How to beyond oppositional democracy and create a higher order

Barbara Marx Hubbard has long been a visionary leader, helping us all to imagine a bold and evolutionary future that we can co-create. In this interview with IONS President James O’Dea, she explores the power of entering into imaginal realms in order to link our creative intent with the power of the universe. Her personal journey began with great questions that drove her to find answers, which in turn led her to clarify her life’s purpose. The most powerful intentions, she believes, come from the journey of the soul towards greater knowing, which then leads us into seeing our role in the larger design. She explores such fascinating subjects as vocational arousal, the genius code, the power of shared excitement, social synergy, and the birthing process of the planet, as well as how to clarify our personal vision and pair it with gratitude. She concludes with her vision of how to beyond oppositional democracy and create a higher order.
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