Wednesday, December 5, 2007

No amount of erection of physical structures will advance the cause of Hinduism

While celebrating Hinduism's refusal to fit any straight jacket, it attempts to design its own straight jacket to encompass all Hinduism. This ideology's proponents believe that this feature of Hinduism is a nice little add-on that can be dispensed with. But they miss the point: this feature is the core of Hinduism and without it Hinduism loses its essence.
The fact is that Hinduism is uniquely unsuited for a centrally organized administration. That is its biggest strength: for those who want to attack Hinduism, there is no clear target. Hinduism resides in individual Hindus in their millions. No amount of destruction of physical structures will make a dent in the healthy body of Hinduism. By the same token, no amount of erection of physical structures will advance the cause of Hinduism. It is an ironic, but an undeniable, fact that this knowledge escapes the attention of those who claim to be the guardians of "Hindu pride". It is tempting to end with the statement that this book is an example of an unconvincing argument for a questionable cause. But the issues are considerably more grave than that summary suggests.
Religion has a latent tendency to bring to the surface the most irrational and animalistic urges in human beings. Hinduism is not above such tendencies and endeavor should be to negate them. But the ideology that guides Lies has exactly the opposite intention. While there is reason to believe that the inherent flux at the core of Hinduism will ensure the ultimate failure of all such ideologies, there is no room for complacency. Book Review: Lies, Lies and More Lies from Desicritics by Krishna

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