Monday, December 24, 2007

Central theme of the management studies are in this 4th chapter

My Dear brothers and sisters, My mentors, guides
In the 4th Chapter of The Mother Sri Aurobindo has given excellent guidance on management of resources and strengthening economy of the individual and this beautiful globe. Whole politics what we see today on various resources and their management. In the process of evolution money, sex and power has made tremendous impact on human life and its internal and external progress. In the physical world all these elements are very important and powerful. These have very important meaning in our life. But we do not discuss much on those.
Let's look at economy of this country. We have so many bankers, mines owners, industrialists, professionals, learned persons and a huge human resource. Why poverty is still rampant in this country? No body try to win the power, sex and wealth for Mother India or Mother Earth or Mother Divine. Recently Reserve Bank of India made clear to all the banks to make financial inclusion compulsory in their allocated area. Biometric systems and other hi tech approaches are now promoted in various parts of this country. But who is gaining out of it? Mother India? certainly not. Let's take self help group concept which is now much talked in India and developing countries. It was realised by the thinkers and researchers that much benefit has gone into the profit and growth of commercial banks not much for poor people those who are active stakeholders and partners with banks. Therefore some of the commercial banks were heavily fined by Reserve Bank of India for not spending adequately in agriculture and allied sector. The worst is that these SHGs are now pawns in the hands of political people. Here power is again got corrupted. Power is misused. In Nigeria it was found that there is interest free banking to develop their nation. But in many countries the interest rate is so high and painful that people feel the same pinch and pain what the sahukars and money lenders made to this country. It is painful to poor whose number is more in this country and the earth as well. It means we are not sincere in winning money power and sex for Divine Mother. There are many more practical examples in our country we face every day in our life.
Again, we did not manage sex on this earth in proper way, so HIV/AIDS, population explosion and accelerated consumption of resources is making this earth to suffer with poverty, war and so many competitions.
Each line of Sri Aurobindo in The Mother make us cautious of all these things. But in practical life this 4th chapter is not given due importance by all of us. Central theme of the management studies are in it and it has addressed and given solutions to all the worldly problems too. He loved this country and mankind so dearly that he has made great contribution through this chapter and provoked all of us to deeply think about appropriate management of money, sex and power.
Therefore I request all of you to start a discussion on 4th Chapter of The Mother with global and national relevance. With love and regards to all of you

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