Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cosmic mischief

From Jitendra Sharma to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date 29 September 2010 00:22 subject It's not my post! [Written vs. oral history]

Dear Tusar-bhai, 
                  Obviously, there is some mischief here in my name. This post does not interest me. Moreover, I always publish my posts directly in my name, not through any X, Y, Z. Jitendra Sharma

From cosmic human to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date 29 September 2010 16:44 subject Re: It's not my post!
Dear Tusar-ji, 
Before anything else, thank you for posting my message on your website. 
About Jitendra Sharma's message, I honestly don't see any mischief if he forwarded this message to some other people and nor do I see any mischief whatsoever if I in turn forward it to you. 
I occasionally receive some e-mail or the other with Jitendra Sharma's name appearing on it from many of the e-mailing lists that are devoted and dedicated at the Service of Our Masters. Jitendra Sharma also directly posts on your website regularly, so I don't see any mischief or any reason for suspecting some thing like this at all. 
I suppose that the message that I have indirectly received from the SAICE list might have contained Jitendra Sharma's name as a proof of authenticity of the source. I do not see any foul play at all. I can imagine that in these times of tension everybody is very suspicious of one another. And that is why I prefer remaining anonymous. 
I hope that this clarifies my stand point and pov. Best Regards, CH

From Jitendra Sharma to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date 29 September 2010 17:59 subject Re: It's not my post!
Dear CH,
             I had never forwarded this message to any person. Even a serious investigation by the crime branch will prove it. How has my name figured in it? Jitendra Sharma

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust bows to the public dema...": 
Raghu please take YOUR medication REGULARLY. You forgot to take the morning dose. You have admitted yourself the asininities you are capable of when you miss the dose. Do you know when you make the most sense: when you are silent. You have as much alma-mater in your brain as you have hair on your head.
You might have to be confined to a mental asylum. And stop posting as anonymous. Posted by Anonymous to Savitri Era Open Forum at 11:21 PM, September 28, 2010


  1. It is well-known that madness often projects madness on others. Anonymous' fixation with the "morning dose of medication" may well have its origin in his own daily medical regimen!
    You are the pathetic coward here posting your rants anonymously! And you presume to follow the teachings of Aurobindo? I'd any day rather believe that Bin Laden is a follower of Gandhi!

  2. A person who can communicate rationally on the issues has no need for the cloak of anonymity. But you seem to desperately need this cloak of anonymity. So, you cannot communicate rationally. (Q.E.D.)