Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust bows to the public demand

Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust does not Approve The Lives of Sri Aurobindo
by RY Deshpande on Sat 25 Sep 2010 05:11 PM IST  |  Permanent Link  |  Cosmos
The following is the notice displayed on the Ashram Notice Board.

It is unfortunate that certain rumours are being circulated that the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust is in some way endorsing, supporting or promoting the book Lives of Sri Aurobindo by Peter Heehs. We would like to reiterate what has been our consistent stand since October 2008, namely: 
“Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust does not approve and has nothing to do with the book entitled The Lives of Sri Aurobindo written by Peter Heehs and Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust is not in any way responsible for the contents or the interpretations of the material contained therein…” 
This is to re-affirm that the stand of the Ashram Trust has been consistent and remains unchanged. The book is not sold from any department of the Ashram. 
Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust is fully aware of its responsibilities and its actions are determined keeping in view the vision and values it is supposed to uphold. 
For the Board of the Trustees
Signed: Manoj Das Gupta   
Seal: Managing Trustee
         Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust


  1. Yes, the papers around the world are carrying this historic announcement! And students and faculty interested in modern Indian mysticism have begun to remove Heehs' book from their reading lists as well!
    I also heard a rumor that after this historic announcement Columbia University Press is burning all remaining copies of the book in its warehouse.
    Yes, indeed! The tide has begun to turn in favor of the wannabe "supermen", or "gnostic beings" cloistered in a back alley in the great city of "Puducherry", also known among the cultural elite around the world as "The Big Idli" which rivals "The Big Apple" as a center of cultural excellence!
    Well, the universe will never be the same after this momentous announcement!It does signify that
    another milestone has been reached in the "Descent of the Supermind" in Puducherry!

  2. Sounds like drraghu could use some psychological assistance.

  3. Yes you guessed right and there is no doubt about it. Raghu suffered a head injury many years ago and since then suffered mental instability as is amply borne by what he writes. What he needs along with continued medical treatment (which he is getting) is sympathy more than criticism.

  4. Both of you could use assistance learning and understanding English and its nuances since you have missed the sarcasm in my post! The point has to do with the INSIGNIFICANCE of this announcement, its sources, and those who may have pushed for it!

  5. I would also add that both of you are in dire need of reminding your "psychic being", dubiously assuming you have one, of the verse in the "Puducherry Upanishad" which says that the Atman can never be attained by cowards who make abusive posts anonymously! LOL

  6. There goes Raghu with his aberrations. The symptoms are right here for all to see. Two minutes of normalcy followed by a sudden inrush of mental hallucination and most inane interpretations. I have read interpretations of the Upanishads but the interpretation "Atman can never be attained by cowards who make abusive posts anonymously!" surely boggles the mind. What is this "Puducherry Upanishad"? Raghu is not as absurd and delusional as this so presumable he has not taken his morning dose of medicine. Moreover what has the Upanishad to do with the subject of the post. This incoherency of thought and absence of rationality and discontinuity of thought means that the symptoms have returned with a vengeance and therefore Raghu needs our goodwill, pity and forgiveness. One can't really find fault with a madman.

  7. Here comes "Anonymous" again with his severe challenges in English reading comprehension and in his ability to comprehend sarcasm.
    To spell it out for your child-mind (too bad Aurobindo didn't include this type of mind in his inventory of minds or modes of minds!): the "Puducherry Upanishad" is a "fictional creation" of mine and the point is a humorous and sarcastic variation on the well-known, except to you, Upanishadic dictum that the Atman cannot be attained by the cowardly!

  8. Anonymous: "Moreover what has the Upanishad to do with the subject of the post."

    If you want to formulate a question in English, you need a question mark at the end of the sentence!
    After the ordeal of trying to read and understand the fumbling attempts of his child-mind to express its inchoate "thoughts", I can only counter with an advice to take remedial classes in English! I am assuming that he doesn't have the same problem George Bush had with the English language!

  9. drraghu keeps referring to his brilliant sarcasm not realizing that sarcasm has always been the inferior man's substitute for genuine wit.

  10. "sarcasm has always been the inferior man's substitute for genuine wit".
    Point well made and thanks. Thanks because this is re-assuring as it implies that Raghu has transitioned from madman to "inferior man". A madman is completely incoherent as is evident in Raghu. This msans Raghu took his morning dose upon being reminded by us.
    Raghu I think this is great progress. You should thank the writer of the previous comment for complimenting you on your improvement. Have faith in the Puducherry Upanishad and you will recover!

  11. "Brilliant sarcasm", of which you are clearly incapable, is superior to "genuine witlessness" which you are amply endowed with.

  12. "Brilliant sarcasm", of which you are incapable, is certainly superior to the genuine witlessness evidently inherent in your child-mind.

  13. These posts by "anonymous", by virtue of their conclusive testimony to severe reading comprehension challenges in the writer, also prove that he must belong to the anti-Heehs gang!
    The unique reading comprehension challenges faced by the members of this gang are now well-documented.

  14. The helplessness and frustration of Dr. Raghu's anonymous critics is oh so obvious and even amusing and laughable. The only thing his critics appear to be able to do is to retort with points that are baseless, unrelated and utterly meaningless. This clearly shows that it is just impossible to entertain a meaningful or coherent dialogue with Peter Heehs' or Dr. Raghu's critics.

    Dr. Raghu, the only point where I disagree with you is when you give them the credit of possessing a child-mind. You are being too generous with people who show that they have the brains that at best matches a lemmings'. Because whether they like it or not, all of these lemming-minded people have already embarked on the path to self-destruction by having adopted and then obstinately and persistently following the path laid out by the pettiness and narrowness of their opinionated egos and which is lit by the brilliance of their ignorance.


  15. Raghu please take YOUR medication REGULARLY. You forgot to take the morning dose. You have admitted yourself the asininities you are capable of when you miss the dose. Do you know when you make the most sense: when you are silent. You have as much alma-mater in your brain as you have hair on your head.
    You might have to be confined to a mental asylum. And stop posting as anonymous.

  16. What a joke!!! This Anonymous (who posted at 11:21 PM, September 28, 2010) is asking other anonymous authors to stop posting anonymous messages!!! Who is it that really needs to be confined to a mental asylum and who is forgetting to take his morning, afternoon and evening doses???

    And it's the same deranged people who say that PH's book is bad... It's now definite and proven: they are lemmings, nothing but lemmings, but fortunately lemmings who's reproductory organs have become dysfunctional due to the continued intake of high doses of medication (also in the form of their opinions) and who are on their way to extinction or suicide, whether they like it or not. And in case they are not convinced of it, they can try to read Sri Aurobindo to see where they are headed.


  17. A.A.D,
    Thanks for calling a spade a "spade"! I wish I could return anonymous' compliment that I make the most sense when I am silent. But, unfortunately, I can't. He is a seething mass of angry incoherence even when he is silent.