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Written vs. oral history

From cosmic human to tusarnmohapatra@gmail.com date 28 September 2010 13:35 subject Attitude of a Teacher... and Savitri editing
Dear Tusarji, 
I have received the following message from the SAICE list from someone known to me who in turn received it from Prof. Sharma who is also a member of that SAICE list. 
As it concerns the editing of the Savitri, the readers of your website might be interested in this information and pov. 
Best Regards, CH
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From: Date: Mon, Sep 27, 2010 at 5:15 PM Subject: FW: [SAICE] Attitude of a Teacher... and Savitri editing

Hi C (and not only you of course), 

I would like to take note of your message and say that while you were treading a middle path, you knowingly or inadvertently led us to the underbelly or the mother of many controversies, i.e. RYD’s Mirror Of  Tomorrow (MOT) and touched upon what I have found to be (during my earlier examinations of the editing of the Savitri) one of the root-causes of all the troubles and ills that we are witnessing in recent times.

And not very surprisingly RYD is once again right in the middle of this mess too. And it should certainly make one wonder if in reality, today’s mess is not merely the continuation and deliberate multiplication of one big mess initiated by the same people quite some time ago.

I am of course referring to the little piece of re-written "history" by Anuraag Benerjee surrounding the editing of the Savitri that is posted on the MOT in which RYD's insights as an "insider" surely reveals a lot about the current state of affairs.

So in the same vein, given that "factual details" are the order of the day, I find a few statements that are expressed on the MOT to be objectionable if not regrettable and irresponsible, particularly those of Anuraag Banerjee's (which are obviously approved by RYD as it has been posted by RYD himself on his website) because I find that they are a quitefar  removed from "facts":

Anuraag Banerjee says:
"The fact that Deshpande is one of the greatest exponents of Savitri is known to all...." 

While this first point might appear to be trivial and insignificant, I would like to delve on it as it is in reality very closely and importantly linked to the second point that I am making further below.

So I would like to ask and in a way challenge Anuraag Banerjee if this statement of his, is a "fact" or if this is an/his opinion? I clearly think that its the latter because I'm sure that there are many others who SILENTLY and PRIVATELY study the Savitri, read it, understand it in a way that corresponds to them and go about their lives discretely without trumpeting around that they are exponents of Savitri and giving their interpretation even to those who don't ask for it (on websites for example). Of course we rarely or never get to hear about these silent and discrete sadhaks, disciples and seekers. But the question is why is RYD so keen to promote himself as an exponent of Savitri? Does it help his sadhana or does it serve another purpose? Well, I think that the answer lies in what follows.

Because when I was examining the issues concerning the tampering of the Savitri and I found that the Courts had ruled against any tampering, and Srikant-bhai and some others appeared to run out of ideas and never produced any evidence to back their allegations and confabulations, I was often confronted with the following little breakfast story of RYD and most allegations of tampering seemed to converge towards this point. And this is when my antennae started to rise each time I would hear the name “RYD”.

And clearly, the following "story" from RYD is equally one of those episodes that he IRRESPONSIBLY keeps propagating into the public domain. (Is that "history" or is it actually "his  story"?).

Because Anuraag Banerjee recounts:
"And it was from Deshpande that I had heard the following part of the story. It was evident that Nirodbaran was unable to support whatever was going on in the name of revision. One day he remarked to Deshpande: “We’ve been tampering with the sense of Savitri.” When Deshpande asked him the reason for his silence, Nirodbaran replied: “I won’t argue. I would just make my point and then leave it just like that. I won’t insist upon anything and impose anything upon anyone. They must realize these things for themselves and they should be receptive.” 

How insidiously inflammatory this story is, is best understood when one understands that it has kept dragging the Ashram to the Courts time and again under one pretext or another since the last decade or more.

Because we have on the one hand the indisputable and hard FACTS, a document signed by both Nirod-da and Amal Kiran, black on white, (attached here for reference and as clear evidence [or also displayed on page 10 of the following online document: http://www.miraura.org/lit/sa/savitri.pdf]) that clearly states that they approved of the restorative work of the Savitri that they undertook for over 20 years (with a whole team of people).

And then on the other hand, we have the stories of RYD's alleged personal conversations with Nirod-da.... oh how "factually" convincing...

If we have to rely on FACTS, I think that anybody in his good senses and without an axe to grind would rely on Nirod-da's and Amal Kiran's written and signed statements. The rest clearly appears to be of the level of irresponsible, personal bickering and petty gossiping that RYD has by now clearly and repeatedly shown that he is capable of fabricating and propagating into the public domain for reasons best known to him.

Because how much more absurd can RYD's story get? Does he mean that Nirod-da and Amal Kiran (not to mention the numerous people that were involved) had no integrity and were not dedicated towards Sri Aurobindo? RYD even seems to suggest that Nirod-da had such a weak character that he could not oppose things that he wasn't convinced of? Let's not forget that Nirod-da and Amal Kiran had no hesitation asking all kinds of questions to Sri Aurobindo, questions that the band of "book-banners" such as RYD & Co. would have surely censored!!! So what is RYD trying to say??? Is he the only sincere, knowledgeable and enlightened soul around? Is he the only EXPONENT around? Or is he just another of those exponentially irresponsible and self-opinionated people who gravitate around the ashram just because it suits them???

I think that it's time that RYD got serious and really looked at the FACTS and accepted them whether he likes it or not. Because the historical FACT is that RYD's involvement in the editing of the Savitri was terminated as he was more keen to push and force his views and opinions on others in the editing team. Isn't there "his  story" repeating itself with the Book? 
From this perspective it only becomes very clear why RYD is on an insulting spree. Because for someone whose personal opinions or interests matter more than the collective good, after 20 years or more of disgruntlement and rancour, the only form of expression becomes Hate. 
So is it surprising that he should get stone-walled, if [at] all that is the case? 
In earnestness, F. 
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Not defending anyone but in a slightly different context, "factual details" still seem to be the order of the day...so there's still hope from all sides of the coin...
cheers c

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