Monday, April 19, 2010

A for asinine, I for imbécile

From Auro Lumiere to date         19 April 2010 18:37 subject Regarding the misuse of Mother’s words Regarding the misuse of Mother’s words (for your website please):
Dear Mr. Jitendra Sharma, 
I am finally pleased to find that you have understood, that the word «My Baby», can mean many things, including one’s girlfriend or wife, as you have rightly pointed out. Similarly the word «imbécile» can have several other meanings, interpretations and connotations depending on who uses it, and also when, how and where it is used. 
Moreover, regarding the wrong interpretation and misuse of Mother’s words, as I am told that you are the Chairman of the Sri Aurobindo Society (S.A.S.) of Calicut, I could give you an example which I believe that you are likely to understand even better. 

For this example I would like to quote a particular passage from «The Mother’s Agenda», April 25, 1961, pages 181-184 (and in this instance anybody can hear that these words were uttered by Mother as they are clearly and without any doubts recorded). Mother says (page 181):
«I agreed to be President [of the S.A.S.] because money was involved and I wanted to be a guarantee that all these people who make propaganda don’t put the money into their own pockets for their personal use… » 
Mother continues (page 182):
« …After this I received the draft of the Sri Aurobindo Society’s brochure… Oh, the most asinine propaganda!...» 
Mother continues (page 183):
« …The Sri Aurobindo Society people had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the spiritual life...It has nothing to do with yoga or spiritual progress or anything of the kind…» 
And Mother adds one again (page 184):
« …the fact that I am president [of the S.A.S.] is simply to give my guarantee that the money won’t go into the pockets of those who collect it…I am in no way going to help people imagine they are doing a yoga. It’s absurd.» 
Now, does it mean that if I ever meet you, I need to make sure that I hold on tightly and dearly to my wallet? And regarding your propaganda, should I conclude that it is plainly and simply asinine? And finally that all your actions have nothing to do with spiritual life, progress, yoga, or anything of the kind? 
Would you think that the misuse of these words, uttered some 50 years ago and in that context is to be encouraged? Should these words be applied to you and all other members of the S.A.S? 
Under the given circumstances, I am sure that you will now agree that stretching the «imbéciles» incident too far, particularly by misusing Mother’s words is unwise and inappropriate. At the Service of Light and Truth, Françoise de Nielly

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