Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fictional creation rankles RYD

From August Timmermans date 18 April 2010 17:45 subject conflict madness
Hi, Deshpande,
Just when one hopes there is time for reflection there comes the next issue to keep this conflict madness going. Again from you (RY Deshpande) distracting us with another hot topic that you cannot agree with: Savitri is a “fictional creation”, ... bringing us back again to your and your fellows started dispute of 2 years ago. How things always end up at zero again, I wonder. Personally I have no time to re-chew what has been said, stated, and quoted before. In a civilized world one would say 'I agree to disagree', instead of starting provocation and slander, and curse anyone who disagrees with you.

I sincerely wonder how you and your fellow devotees can integrate such wayward thinking and behavior with Integral Yoga. Btw, Has anyone read the Bibliographical Note at the back of the 1993 edition of Savitri? I cannot detect anything dubious or false in this note but a sincere statement of facts. August Timmermans

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