Saturday, April 24, 2010

Collective yoga and minding our own business

From aurosatya vrata to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date           24 April 2010 17:07  subject Silence is Golden
Just to describe and summarize the current state of affairs:  
First - Mr. Auroman de le Miroir says…. nothing. Interestingly his name is longer than his answers. Does this say something about him?
Accountability is also another long word, but it appears that it doesn’t accompany or rhyme too well with "Auroman de le Miroir".
Second - Dr. (Prof.) Jitendra Sharma also and once again dodges all questions. Instead, he serves us his biodata as well as his breakfast reading plan and tells and also shows us how, when the going gets tough, it is easier to escape into meditation.
But, well, without wanting to be harsh on any one, if one is to look at the brighter side of life and try to extract all that’s meaningful from it, Auroman’s silence may also be finally inspired by the Golden wisdom contained in the prefix “Auro” that he has borrowed and apparently put to some use, finally.

And a fountain of bright wisdom seems to have sprung in Dr. Prof. Jitendra Sharma, when he says:
“A message of the Mother is permanently displayed on the Notice Board of the Ashram. She advises not to speak unpleasant things about another Ashramite. This game of accusing each other will never end. Whenever I find that others are too busy in arguments, I listen to the ‘Savitri’ in the Mother’s voice and meditate.”
And thankfully he finally appears to resonate with Ms. Francois de Nelly, with whom I fully concur when she says:
“So why don’t we all start by minding our own business, and quietly read, study and start practicing all that Mother and Sri Aurobindo have written and said if we are so keen to listen to them?”

And she adds:  “I am willing to start, NOW. Will you (and others?) join?”  
Well, I too am willing to start now and join that initiative, with the hope that the nonsense that was started by some may come to a much required end, for the good of all. Sincerely, S.

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