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Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea) has been served notice to leave India

Chile president's aunt asked to leave India Times of India Chennai TNN 18 July 2009, 05:06pm IST There is another Bachelet, her aunt, who has lived in Tamil nadu for an uninterrupted 38 years. She is the director of Aeon Centre of Cosmology located in the Palani Hills.

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea to her students) has remarkable achievements to her credit. Apart from founding and directing the Centre of Cosmology, she is the founding president of Aeon Trust (India) which came into existence in 1986 to support the work of the centre. The centre under her direction has organized several international conferences and Norelli-Bachelet has been invited to speak abroad and in India.

These would keep the ordinary person busy for the better part of the day; but not her. She also has a dairy of about 75 cows, each with a Hindu name chosen carefully by her. With the special milk she produces, in the opinion of connoisseurs, European-style cheeses that are better than the imported. She is the managing director of the Indian company. When asked how this came to pass, she answered, ‘I had cows, I had milk, I love cheese. In those days good cheese was not available in India, so why not?’ People come from all over to visit her model dairy and cheese factory.

She manages all this even as she does some of the most remarkable research in her field – cosmology. But she qualifies this label. She calls it applied cosmology. To date a dozen volumes of her original research have been published by her publishing group, Aeon Books. The latest just off the press is unique: it is the only cosmological documentation of the Vishnu Line of Ten Avatars.

But how is the government treating this person of exemplary qualifications? She says she has just been served notice to leave the country – and within four days. “With all my activities which have only brought good to India, is it reasonable to expect me to wind up my affairs and just leave? she asks.


Friday, August 7, 2009 Sri Aurobindo's 'Kin' Asked to Leave India
Surely some find it interesting that in the same month the government announced their plans to celebrate Sri Aurobindo’s arrival in the safe haven of Pondicherry, they sent police to the door of Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, telling her she had four and a half days (two business days) to leave the country or she would be arrested. Ms. Norelli-Bachelet, a resident of India since 1971, is recognized by many in India and throughout the world as an essential continuation of Sri Aurobindo’s yoga, and especially as an extension of his will towards uplifting the Sanatana Dharma and the true Vedic idea that has been lost on Indians and the rest of the world alike for aeons....The full article is posted on Integral Yoga Studies. Posted by Lori Tompkins at 1:28 PM
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009 The Soul: Triply Seeded
Notes: All quotes of the Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, with two exceptions, are from The Psychic Being – Soul: Its Nature, Mission and Evolution. The Sri Aurobindo quotes marked by a single asterisk came from The Life Divine, and the double asterisk from Letters on Yoga, Volume: 22-23-24 [SABCL]. The Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet excerpts are from The New Way, A Study in the Rise and Establishment of a Gnostic Society, Volume 1.
Posted by Lori Tompkins at 12:24 PM
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