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Exploring 'cellular consciousness' approaches in meditation/hatha-yoga exercises

ASPIRATION Celebrating 137th Birth Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo
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''... trying to crystallize the action of Sri Aurobindo ...'' Yes, the challenge is avoid 'fossilizing'' embalming' approach which makes the Teachings a DEAD weight. Sri Aurobindo and the Mother's works require careful reading, with heart/mind/spirit, like mining for precious gems/gold. Sri Aurobindo, in one of his letters said he refused his works to be condensed/paraphrased - he opposed the dumbing down 'yoga without tears' approach!

''..having faith in a future evolution...should not be taken like a religious movement...'' Otherwise I think we can fall into the danger of 'flabby thinking' and futuristic fanatsy! At present we humans have more than enough 'evolutionary work to do with 'monkey mind' and 'horsey body' and 'pigsy vital' [I draw these analogies from a hilarious Japanses children's TV series Monkey Magic, based on the travels of the Buddhist monk Tripitika'.]

15 August 2009 approaches... Posted by kalpana on August 12, 2009 at 12:27pm
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In the 3 days leading up to Sri Aurobindo's birthday,
- I am reading his translation and commentary of ISA Upanishad -this will also help to revise/refresh/improve my Sanskrit.
-Continue exploring 'cellular consciousness' approaches in meditation/hatha-yoga exercises.
- Thank you - ASPIRATION for thought-provoking posts by people who are also exploring the Path of Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo on Islam and other religions
Posted by Barindranath Chaki on August 12, 2009 at 10:11am

Comment by kalpana

Thank you. In its entirety, it gives an idea of the thoughtful, informed manner in which Sri Aurobindo considered the contributions of the major religions. We can all learn from His approach: thesis, anti-thesis, synthesis.

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