Monday, September 1, 2008

Sri Aurobindo's philosophy is not one of the futility of existence - of fatigue of the non-mystical life - but a confident, truthful seeing of life

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I hope to enroll at the Sri Aurobindo Darshan: School of Tomorrow. I will be visiting the ashram and Auroville in December. I am a yoga instructor and currently living in Cairo, Egypt. Would like to meet like minded people. becky

Monday, September 1, 2008 THE ACHIEVEMENT OF SRI AUROBINDO Aaishik Kar

I have read only a very small fragment of the enormous corpus of Sri Aurobindo. It may not be more than 2-3% of the total output of this mind-bogglingly prolific genius & intellectual polymath, and yet, I've been overwhelmed by this towering personality. I can't say whether I agree with him on every point or not...

On reading Aurobindo, one feels something akin to pity for the men who deride & reject Brahman; one feels: how small these men are! No, I do not recommend such an emotion, nor is it true to the spirit of God-realization; but I speak from THEIR point of view, the ones who live their life in contempt & judgmentality...

I have neither read all his books, nor am I associated with his admirers - but I deeply adore his projection of Hindu philosophy as something totally devoid of guilt or self-hatred - as a pursuit of positives: of greater & larger truths & joys, by taking man to the logical conclusion of ALL of Man's goals & joys - & of incomparable STRENGTH & grandeur... Posted by AAISHIK at 3:30 PM Labels: ,

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