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Communists and some Western people (Catholic or non-Catholic) carry a grudge for Sri Aurobindo

Where the author is commissioned to write what the publisher wants him to write
The Lives of Sri Aurobindo—a Controversial Biography by Peter Heehs by
RY Deshpande on Wed 17 Sep 2008 09:37 AM PDT Permanent Link 11:40 AM 1 comments: Anonymous said...

Peter Heehs is himself a riddle. One wonders what is it that inspires him to write about Sri Aurobindo (not Aurobindo-as Sri Aurobindo himself signed his name with a prefix-'Sri')? He seems to be interested only to discard those who regard Sri Aurobindo as an Avatar. What about Peter's opinion on the content carried in the book -"Life Divine"?

None insists him to accept Sri Aurobindo as an Avatar-including Sri Aurobindo himself-as Peter himself stated. Peter does not have any idea about Avatar-hood as it's believed in India. Even the most eminent Indians of the Twentieth Century did not understand it.

From my experience I have found that the Communists and some Western people(Catholic or non-Catholic) carry a grudge for Sri Aurobindo. But Why? These persons do not care to write volumes on Rajneesh or Sai Baba of Putraparti or even on Sri Ramakrishna and Vivekananda. They are this or that way related to matters spiritual in India. I think it's because -Sri Aurobindo was a born futurist and he belongs to future. And for that matter -many elites who become disillusioned with everything of what life as expressed through the Homo Sapien-species -are drawn to the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. So those who are rooted in the vested interest of the conventional LIFE -appear as die-hard enemies of Sri Aurobindo.

Peter does not know that his and for that matter the yardsticks (for Hagiography or research) of the materialist's mind is useless to understand a life and its mission which was nothing but spiritual.

Leave Sri Aurobindo. What does Peter think of Sri Ramakrishna and his contribution in spirituality? Sri Ramakrishna did not write anything himself on any matter. And he never felt it necessary to write about the materialist's confusions as well as spiritualist’s misconception. Then why not are these people are interested in villifying Sri Ramakrishna? The so called intellectuals like Peter Heehs are never comfortable with Sri Aurobindo as he made himself concerned with every aspect of Life.

Moreover -the Catholic Christians and the atheists always turn to abuse Sri Aurobindo in explicit or subtle ways. Peter Heehs falls in the latter category. Why not does Mr Heehs write about the religious fundamentalists-Hindus, Muslims and Christians?

I can not expect Peter Heehs is capable of understanding Indian spiritual matters-leave alone Sri Aurobindo-but I hope that he will not mention the name of Sri Aurobindo without the prefix 'Sri'. I'm not ritualistic about it -nor I'm a religionist with Sri Aurobindo but I love and believe in giving respect to call the spiritual personalities as they wanted it in their lifetime-especially Sri Aurobindo who was very specific about it. 3:48 PM, September 19, 2008

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