Thursday, September 25, 2008

Deshpande's post inflammatory and his invectives offensive

Re: The Lives of Sri Aurobindo—Questions for Mr Objective
by Rich on Wed 24 Sep 2008 04:38 PM PDT Profile Permanent Link

I take no offense. I speak only for myself. But as a founding editor SCIY I dont have to wait for readers to equal things out. Voicing ones strong opinions or distaste for a perspective is one thing, incessantly attacking a particular individual simply because you dont agree with them is another It does not matter if the individual who was being attacked was Yourself, Deshpande, or Peter Heehs, I would react in kind. This type of behavior is simply inappropriate. (esp. on a forum that purports to address issues concerning integral yoga) Everyone is free to contribute here as they wish, but I draw the line on post which start to approach hate speech, especially those elements of it which are based on serious mis-characterizations of text. (which can be demonstrated)...

Deshpande's post on this subject have progressively become more inflammatory as time passes and his invectives casts at the author of the work in question are now becoming offensive, since they are directed at a specific individual in an inappropriate manner. He, yourself or anyone else may voice contrary opinions to anything on SCIY but please do so in a way that does not become grossly dis-respectful to any particular person. Thank You Rich Reply

Re: The Lives of Sri Aurobindo—One way out
by Debashish on Wed 24 Sep 2008 01:50 PM PDT Profile Permanent Link

I have no wish to advise on quitting etc. but I do feel that the postings on this topic have been incendiary, lopsided and misleading... Once the intent of the work is lost sight of, misreadings are bound to occur and this is what I believe has happened in this case. However, the tenor of the postings has left little room for discussion, since the assumptions made have been pressed without any openness to the possibility of other interpretations...

Here I put down the complete quote. I do hope that after reading this, the intent of the author will be more clear and we can put a stop to this barrage of emotional incitement: Science, Culture and Integral Yoga 7:26 AM

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