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When someone is discussing things spiritual, we are not sure whether the Inner Fire is there or not

1 comments: Barindranath Chaki said... Dear Shri Devabrata,

I have read your article and appreciated it on the whole. However, I differ from what you have written on a few points.

First of all, it is about politicians. We cannot, logically and even practically generalise like that. All politicians do not steal money. And when we refer to Sri Aurobindo Ashram in connection with the politicians, we are then stooping somewhat low. Should we bring down the Ashram, the symbol of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo, to be referred to in connection with the politicians, who are more or less, from the ignorant un-prepared world? I hope you will agree with me.

Secondly, I refer to something quoted from this your writing:

I have written so much only to say that without the inner fire mere discussions of spiritual matters are useless exercises. It’s no way superior to the discussions that people love to enjoy discussing on various matters in Coffee-houses (like Calcutta Coffee House-the most renowned in India in this matter).

When someone is discussing things spiritual, we are not sure whether the Inner Fire is there or not. Maybe the Fire is there, but we are unable to feel it. We cannot then guarantee that the discussions are futile. Even Sri Aurobindo has said soething very positive in this matter:

An intellectual approach to the highest knowledge, the mind’s possession of it, is an indispensable aid to this movement of Nature in the human being.

I am very writing an article in this matter. Kindly read when I publish it. Please don't mind if I have slightly differed from you. With all the best wishes to you, whom I feel to be a very good soul, already on the Way.

Barin Chaki 22-07-2008 22 July 2008 14:07

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  1. Respected Sri Chaki,
    There is one very important thing we must ponder over and should realise.
    From the last phase of the Mother's human life-there has been a sea-change in several matters which is not apparently visible and which could not be proved through mind with its accustomed instruments viz.reason and traditional way of understanding a reality. It's very difficult to explain or tell that the hell with all its nasty mire has come up and touched everything of our life. The most predominant aspects of human life has naturally been deeply affected. They are politics, money and sexual impulsion. These three have become horribly acute in man today. If one is not completely dedicated to the Mother in his/her active sadhana-then these forces can make unimaginable nuisance. That was my point-on which I differed from Tusar-babu-whom I love much as doer of the Mother's work. I apprehended that if this association with politics-through any person, party and organisation were allowed -the Savitri-Era forum which Tusarbabu has built with so much sincerity and labour and which is still the main platform of the devotees of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother -might be affected one day adversely-in such ways -still unknown to all of us. We are not aware how cunning, clever and powerful are these forces.We have access to immense power within us-i.e. the Mother's power provided we stick to her only unconditionally- oblivious of our separate personal status of doing something-she will be given the opportunity to correct everything. I have only one question-Do we believe it?
    This is all I hold on as my conviction.I am unable to offer any logic further. So it's futile to discuss in such matter so far this concerns me.