Saturday, July 12, 2008

A family that was close to Sri Aurobindo and is an ardent admirer of his global vision and philosophy
Everything is history. All struggles are materials for archives. This is a dismissed case, after 8 years and 5 lawyers one getting government post and quitting and others on their own or at our request handed back papers, and when no one could be engaged after so much money spent, the case was disposed. But the issues it raised are still alive for historians to research...... N. Nandhivarman
1. N. Nandhivarman,
General Secretary, Dravida Peravai, 69, Rangapillai Street, Pondicherry - 605 001
2. D.K. Ramnujam, Ex. M.L.A., 17, Pillayar Koil Street, Thengaithittu,
Pondicherry - 605 004 .... Petitioners Vs. 1. Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust...

5) The petitioner submits that the first petitioner hails form a family of Sri Aurobindo's disciples and has immense interest in the study of the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Divine Mother. The first petitioner therefore has lot of concern over the proper management and administration of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust and in ensuring that the properties of the trust and its incomes are not exploited for personal ends. The second petitioner is a freedom fighter and a social activist concerned about the charitable activities of a trust functionary in Pondicherry soil and its proper use for benefiting local populace and all...

9) The petitioners submit that in the Trust deed created by The Mother, the intention of the trust, the beneficiaries, the maintenance and utilisation of Trust funds and all other connected and incidental matters have been clearly delineated but the Deed of Trust does not contain any provision for removal of Trustees in case of mismanagement, misconduct and misappropriations. The Deed of Trust, the petitioners submit, does not contain any provision for the continuing trustees to oust any trustee even if one of them have committed misappropriation of trust funds or any other breach of trust . No trustee or majority of the trustees have any power to expel any other Trustee. The Deed of Trust does not mention the period for which appointed trustees should hold office. The petitioners submit that if the trustees are to hold office throughout their life time, then there is danger of mismanagement due to their old age incapacity of performing their duties towards the execution of the trust. The petitioners state that the chances of the management indirectly falling into the hands of undesirable and incompetent persons looms large. The lack of accountability, transparency and democracy coupled with the ambiguous provision of the trust deed has resulted in Sri Aurobindo Ashram "falling from grace"...

13) The first Petitioner submits that the first petitioner is a native of Pondicherry and comes from a family that was close to Sri Aurobindo and is an ardent admirer of his global vision and philosophy. Both the petitioners understand that the respondents 2 to 5 are converting to their own benefit the properties of the first respondents trust and income of the said trust. There are also indications that respondents 2 to 5 are entering into shady deals involving sale of the properties of the first respondent trust in which lot of money is being passed under hand to be secreted and pocketed by the respondents 2 to 5 to their own persons. It is therefore just and necessary that the respondents are directed to furnish to the petitioner with particulars as to the properties and the income of the first respondents trust and application of those income in the matter of execution of the trust and also a direction be issued that the accounts of the trust shall be examined and audited for a period of three years prior to the date of this petition. Hence this petition... Dated at Pondicherry this the 24th day of June, 1997.


Why this division? The Aurobindo-Mirra Alfasa samadhi with Aurobindo Ashram, The Matrimandir with Auroville. After all both belongs to the followers of Aurobindo. I am not his follower. I am the follower of Aringnar Anna, wanting to establish Aringnar Anna Rationalist University under Aringnar Anna Foundation. I will not aspire anything within Aurobindo circle. But as rationalist, I could not see why there exists two Trusts one Government controlled Auroville Foundation and one Aurobindo Ashram Trust headed by the President’s chair that is kept vacant.

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