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Sri Anirvan was proficient in the Vedas and Buddhism, poetry, nuclear science. He translated The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo

These are the memories of people who knew or had met the great saint Sri Anirvan who lived 1896 to 1978. He was a man of vast learning and interests, an M.A., a linguist, proficient in the Vedas and Buddhism, poetry, nuclear science. He wrote many books, articles and poetry. He translated The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo Ghosh into Bangla. His book Vedamimangsa got the Rabindra Award. Anirvan called himself a simple Baul and preached the ideals of humanity.
Welcome! Let us spread the beauty of the loving wisdom of Sri Anirvan.

Honoured Guest, I am so happy to welcome you to this forum of sharing our experiences of the great Sri Anirvan.My aim is to spread the beatific aura of Sri Anirvan, and to make his simple yet beautiful teachings known.If you knew or have met the saint Sri Anirvan, I invite you most warmly to share your memories of Sri Anirvan. If you have letters, other writings, and/or photographs, please contact Mrinalini, so we can put them on this site. These are all prasad and blessings of the great saint to bring the miracle of his serene wisdom into our lives. Please help to make this site grow so that anyone who reads the posts and other writings may be enriched and grow in spirituality. May the warmth of Sri Anirvan's love always be with us. Mrinalini

Tuesday, July 1, 2008 Please tell your memories of Sri Anirvan
Dear friends, We call upon all Sri Anirvan's disciples and followers and those who knew him. We call upon people whom Sri Anirvan taught at Allahabad. People who met Sri Anirvan at Kasardevi near Almora, where Sri Anirvan lived for some time. We call upon disciples of Brahmachari Sri SatyaDev at the Sadhan Samar Karyalaya in CCU. Sri Anirvan had amicable correspondence with Sri SatyaDev. Most important are his Buddhist contacts in Kashi. We call upon all these people to come forward and tell of their experiences of this pure and noble saint, Sri Anirvan. Our lives will be greatly enriched thereby and blessed. Please click on the word COMMENTS after a post, in order to write your memories or comment. Gratefully, Mrinalini
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  1. Another stream of Brahmarshi's lineage is at the Dev Sangha Ashram in Deoghar, India.