Sunday, April 20, 2008

Role of magnetizing, sensitizing the world around to the new tidings

Dr. Shyama Kanungo In Mother’s Light AUGUST 15, 2004

Each centre, each study circle is an island of hope, of peace, of regeneration, of healing, of quiet contentment of growing Ananda. For in each centre ‘They’ are there to nurture the New birth. In fact, carrying Their Force and Light, the movement of study circle has started. The study circle is the cradle of New Race, a God making instrument. From the occult point of view The Mother’s and Sri Aurobindo’s Presence itself has become the study circle. So, to serve the study circle is to serve Them, to love and belong to the study circle is to love and belong to Them and to work for the study circle is to work for Them.

The purpose of our interaction with the society from the platform of study circle is to give a chance to this civilisation to raise and change itself lest it gets totally destroyed by catastrophe. The avenues of the study circle activities have this role of magnetizing, sensitizing the world around to the new tidings.

Thus this goal is never to be lost sight of when we work in the different fields of our activities that emerge from Sri Aurobindo study circle organization. At the top of the priority list of the activities taken by the ‘Sri Aurobindo study circles is the organization of the study circles themselves. The next in priority is the activity in the field of Integral Education. The momentum to these two activities were at their peak during the physical life time of Babaji Sri Ramakrishna Das and Sri Prapatti.

Closely And very importantly would follow the entry through the fields of agriculture, health, commerce & technology, literature & art (both performing and visual). The idea in taking up all these would serve a dual purpose. The most important is to allow the spirit to manifest itself through these forms. Next is to give scope to those in the society who are deprieved of, or are ignorant of such a Divine possibility, to come in touch with it, bathe in it and change themselves; should they choose to do so.

With an intense, unifying and loving, but free, interaction let us leap forward as massive all- powerful instruments of the Divine and get the joy of collaborating in Her work to change the face of the earth. Let us start with Orissa.

Let us shed all lethargy - physical and intellectual as well as the attitude of selfish recoil upon oneself, break all barriers of doubt, disbelief and mistrust, give up feelings of superiority and inferiorty but rather behave as if we were all sailing in the same boat sitting on our Sweet Mother’s Lap.

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