Friday, April 18, 2008

The Future Poetry, a study of immanent-transcendent aesthetic potential, is well worth reading

17 April 2008 Spirit AND Matter

One of the foremost syntheses of immanent and transcendent, material and spiritual, eastern and western modes is represented in the person and thought of Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950):

"IF then the conclusion at which we have arrived is correct,—and there is no other possible on the data upon which we are working,—the sharp division which practical experience and long habit of mind have created between Spirit and Matter has no longer any fundamental reality. The world is a differentiated unity, a manifold oneness, not a constant attempt at compromise between eternal dissonances, not an everlasting struggle between irreconcilable opposites. An inalienable oneness generating infinite variety is its foundation and beginning; a constant reconciliation behind apparent division and struggle combining all possible disparates for vast ends in a secret Consciousness and Will which is ever one and master of all its own complex action, appears to be its real character in the middle; we must assume therefore that a fulfilment of the emerging Will and Consciousness and a triumphant harmony must be its conclusion. Substance is the form of itself on which it works, and of that substance if Matter is one end, Spirit is the other. The two are one: Spirit is the soul and reality of that which we sense as Matter; Matter is a form and body of that which we realise as Spirit. "

More of this interesting, important and influential essay HERE. Aurobindo has been an important theorist of "the return of the Goddess" and has contributed greatly to interreligious dialog about the Goddess and immanence.
He also prophesies a shining, hopeful future, and his great poem SAVITRI is a fit offering to one of his poetic mentors, Walt Whitman. The Future Poetry, a study of immanent-transcendent aesthetic potential, is also well worth reading.
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