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Avoid all vulgarity in speech, behaviour and acts. The thoughts must be pure and the aspiration ardent

Revolt, Restlessness and CalamitiesPRAPATTI In Mother’s Light, NOVEMBER 24 , 2006

Revolt and restlessness are the sign of evil. The consequence of evil is disaster. In modern times, an all swallowing revolt, unbearable worries, restlessness and a disaster is the common go of the world. Many have presumed that, the humanity can not last longer. Passing through this deep calamities it may be totally ruined. Even reaching the maxim of grandeur and prosperity, Man is passing through a total discomfort and discontentment.

Now the question arises what could be reason of this all total revolt and restlessness? The first reason is that both individually and collectively, Man has been uprooted from his prime spiritual Origin. Anything if it separates from its origin, becomes unstable, unsteady, restless, unprotected and finally destroyed, similarly humanity has make itself completely separate from it’s inner, spiritual and Divine Origin. How can the humanity will survive leaving this Supreme Presence and Existence which is most Essential, supremely Good, Auspicious, which is the only Bliss, Knowledge, Light, Love and the very origin and basis of harmony? This very Presence and Existence is within the man – this is the Supreme Discovery. Here lies the essential valu of life. The Mother has said,

"It is the Divine Presence that gives value to life. The Presence is the source of all Peace, all Joy, all security. Find this Presence in yourself and all difficulties will disappear."

One comes in contact inside with a heavenly consciousness by aspiration, a great hankering, surrender, self offering and a deep eagerness. This is New Birth. A peaceful, harmonious, luminious, soothing atmosphere is created within. This Presence, Inspiration, Indication and Guidance or Information becomes a living fact. This is the real source of strength and protection. The Mother has said –

"True strength and protection come from the Divine Presence in the heart. If you want to keep this Presence constantly in you, avoid carefully all vulgarity in speech, behaviour and acts. Do not mistake liberty for license and freedom for bad manners: the thoughts must be pure and the aspiration ardent." (NJ.24.4.1965/66)

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