Sunday, October 28, 2007

Why insist on one person alone?

from Gyanchandra to Tusar N. Mohapatra date 28 Oct 2007 14:58 subject Re: Fwd: [Savitri Era Open Forum] New comment on Peerless Sri Aurobindo.
There is a chain of developments on earth. Whether in the physical domain or in the realm of Consciousness states. Sri Aurobindo is latest in the chain we believe but one must not isolate him in a dogmatic way. Sri Ramkrishana, Dayanand, Stephen Hawking etc. all are included in the chain and have their irrevocable places. Why insist on one person alone?
Evolution is a natural process. Even Charvak and Brihaspati the atheists have their respective value in the human evolution. Marx, Mao also can not be excluded. One must read all and then make out every one's contribution. Evolution is still going on isn't it. You the presently alive know many things more which Sri Aurobindo and Vivekanand did not know.
from Gyanchandra to Tusar N. Mohapatra date 28 Oct 2007 15:15
Yoga is the only Karma Alan, as Sri Krishna says only apt and able Karma is called Yogah. When one does something for the humanity and for the earth's progress without consideration for individual and personal gains and gratifications, that becomes Yoga or Yagya in the Vedic language.
But the big question is What is the destination or the goal of all this progress IF AT ALL IT CAN BE CALLED A PROGRESS. Unless the aim of life and purpose of creation is not clear, human will not understand fully his duties and responsibilities fully while living. if evolution is the aim there must be a clear elaboration on the sense of way and the goal. After all where the creation wants to reach? Can you enlighten it pl.?

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