Saturday, October 13, 2007

The mainstream integral movement ignores The Mother altogether

I've been involved with the "Integral Movement" for several years, because I see a lot of promise there, and a lot that corresponds to my own thinking, and also to integrate Sri Aurobindo and the Mother's teachings (the mainstream integral movement has no idea about SA & M, they respect SA but are absolutely ignorant, and except for brief mentions on Cohen's WIE magazine and website, ignore the Mother altogether). Here is my latest essay on Integral World
The high profile of people like Cohen in the Integral Movment is due to the fact that there is a poverty of moral leadership in the movement in America (the Europeans in contrast have it together a lot better - look at Laszlo and his Club of Budapest). This will only change as the integral movement outgrows its infantile roots, and new integralists like Steve McIntosh and Mike Psyka & co (Integral Praxis) are able to provide a healthy alternative to the Wilber-Beck-Cohen "old guard". In addition, there are highly admirable people like Robb Smith within the Integral Institute itself (see Robb's statement on Open Integral). So I'm pretty optimistic about how things will work out. Reflections on Andrew Cohen from Zaadz: M. Alan's Recent Blogs

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