Thursday, October 25, 2007

Poetry of the future would embody a harmony of five eternal powers: Truth, Beauty, Delight, Life and the Spirit

The Future Poetry ... Posted on Oct 24th, 2007 by Jim
This whole piece is quoted and not my own work. I feel it would be of interest to poets and budding poets everywhere … and especially those that inhabit Zaadz. At the end of the article is the link to see where the piece came from. I feel it is something worth investigating … and, I'll read further … I hope you do also.
quote: The Future Poetry
Sri Aurobindo, not only expressed his spiritual thought and vision in intricate metaphysical reasoning and in rich and subtly perceptive psychological terms, but also in profound and beautiful poetry. In Sri Aurobindo's theory of poetry, written under the title The Future Poetry, we can appreciate the importance he attached to art and culture for the significance it has for the spiritual evolution of mankind. He believed that a new, deep, and intuitive poetry could be a powerful aid to the change of consciousness and the life required to achieve the spiritual destiny of mankind which he envisioned. Unlike philosophy or psychology, poetry could make the reality of the Spirit living to the imagination and reveal its beauty and delight and captivate the deeper soul of humanity to its acceptance. It is perhaps in Sri Aurobindo's own poetry, particularly in his epic poem Savitri, that we find the fullest and most powerful statement of his spiritual thought and vision...
unquote. Here's the link that this article came from

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