Monday, July 23, 2007

The present genration of Indians do not have any feelings of the burden of the baggage of culture

drmsprasad Says: July 16th, 2007 at 11:57 pm Mr Marko, I enjoyed discussions with you. Thank you, and let me tell you I am a deep admirer of European culture, especially the archtecture & arts- the classics I mean. I consider the rennaisance European Architecture as the ultimate in its expression and beauty which is quite satisfying sensually. I really get the most satisfying and pleasurable moments when I see and handle things European. All my operating room equipment -by choice- are from Germany!! I am a passionate Anglophile also!
drmsprasad Says: July 19th, 2007 at 12:07 am Yeah Mr Marko you are right that under the fast growing western influence there is an identity crisis among other cultures. Its quite acute in islamic countries where they are taught and indoctrinated in the Islamic supremacy, which strikingly and sadly (for them) contrasts with the every day reality.The believers find this difficult to fathom and accept the reality. Hence their struggle for the proclaimed dar-ul-islam ( islamic whole world) for their alleged islamic just world.
This identity crisis is faced not only by them but also by other cultures . But its the Japanese who have seamlessly integated the western culture into their own and yet they remained traditional and have not lost their true identity. There is a lot for us, the other Asian nations, to learn from them.
We in India also face these problems to some extent but fortunately Hinduism is an inclusive religion and it considers all- living and non living things - the manifestation of God, and there are many ways to reach the God, religion being one of the ways!!! The other ways are knowledge ( gnan marg), yoga, meditatation etc. So we don not find modern things and living or for that matter the other religions in conflict with us. All are after all various ways of God’s expression.
Thats why our society accepted English education with elan and all our elders consider that one can create wealth only through proper education. With strong family commitments it is an obsession for parents in India to see their children take to higher education for which they(parents) save sacrificing their own personal pleasures!!!
And thats why you hear lots of Indians migrating to Europe and USA for higher education, though its costly for us. The present genration of Indians- read the Hindus and Christians- mostly do not have any feelings of the burden of the baggage of culture. They are fully ingrated such that they are tarditional at home in food and cultural events, and local in their work place.
Americans have created a Frankenstein’s monster in Afganistan and its on the prowl now. Its their nurturing that has led to opening up of terrorist cells in Pakistan by the dozens like MNCs with elaborate corporate like approach for Global jihad. Open Integral

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