Sunday, July 8, 2007

Only a rare few dare to read and study those analysts who challenge the hegemony of the West

Tusar N. Mohapatra Says: July 8th, 2007 at 8:30 am
[Only a rare few dare to read and study those analysts who challenge the hegemony of the West. Increasingly technology will be forced to comprehend and copy ecology. Even still the Freemasonic elite plan is to survive and prosper from apocalypse by living in space colonies and in FEMA underground cities. The greatest loss from Freemasonic technology is the supposed separation of humans from the aura-spirit realm in natural resonance with ecology (for a quantum mechanics attempt to return to this aura-realm see physicist Dr. Fred Alan Wolf’s book Space-Time and Beyond and the work of Dr. Fritz Alfred Popp and Dr. Mae-Wan Ho). Some of my favorite Freemasonic conspiracy books are:
Transparency and Conspiracy (Duke University Press, 2003), Deep Politics and the Death of JFK (UC Press, 1998), Warrant for Genocide by professor Norman Cohn; The Last Alchemist: Count Calgliostro, Master of Magic in the Age of Reason by Iain McCalman (2003); The Medjugorje Deception by E. Michael Jones (1998), Conspiracies, Cover-ups and Crimes by Jonathan Vankin (1992), Ecstatic Religion by anthropology professor I.M. Lewis, The Movement of the Free Spirit by Raul Vaneigem (1999, Zone Books distributed by M.I.T.), The Electric Connection by astrophysicist Michael Shallis and the book The religions of the oppressed: A study of modern messianic cults by Vittorio Lanternari.
When the Mothership Lands: Secrets of the CIA’s Psi-Plasma Vortex
By Drew Hempel, MA Anti-Copyright Fall, 2007

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