Sunday, July 8, 2007

Centrality of music as the pivot point between emotions and math

Chapter Five: Secret of the Snake: The Nine and Kepler
Did you know that Kepler’s mom was prosecuted as a witch, that Kepler murdered Tycho Brahe, his mentor, and that Kepler was surrounded by Rosicrucians obsessed with the secret meaning of 666? As 2:3 the number 666 is at the center of the Pythagorean Tetrad and creates a free energy vortex through the full-lotus pyramid power.
My argument is that the conspiratorial nature of science is exposed if we understand the centrality of music as the pivot point between emotions and math. This special role of music has been the topic of analysis before, specifically the books of NY Times critic Edward Rothstein: Visions of Utopia (2004) and Emblems of Mind: The inner life of mathematics and music (1996) and more recently This is Your Brain on Music by Dr. Daniel Levitin. In contrast to Rothstein, my focus is on global music as a transcultural phenomenon that traditionally has been a unifying principle of harmony. Western natural science limited global music into a method of axiomatic deduction based on technological imperialism. This transcultural analysis has been similarly formulated by music professor Ernest McClain and then by a related scholar, philosophy of scienceprofessor Oliver L. Reiser.

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