Monday, April 30, 2007

The problem of Life’s abysmal condition is the central issue

Re: 10: Across the Silence of the Ultimate Calm by RY Deshpande
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The problem of Life’s abysmal condition is the central issue, and Aswapati cannot rest content without tackling it. In this world of fallen Life, fair is foul, and foul fair. If there is creative Darkness engendering pain, wickedness, suffering, corrupting truth, then it could be here. Now Ignorance, Falsehood, Error, Ego walk in its thick shadow and the Satanic votaries proclaim: “Evil, be thou my God.” Life in that gloom, with her perilous charm and beauty, lies cursed under the Gorgon spell. There Aswapati felt that his body was being licked by the hostile Power, and he suffered fear.
God created Hell in his mood of infinite love and justice, but this love has to first conquer the appalling Inane. The existential problem is the denial to all that is God’s. Here are titans and maniac powers and cruel operators; here, allowed by the mighty Spirit, work determinedly terrible agencies. But Aswapati, in the strength of his soul, takes up the challenge. He probes this kingdom of pain, this world of sorrow and hate, of wickedness and malignancy. Not only that. Shiva-like, he drinks all the poison till not a drop is left. He puts his finger upon the error and the pain, and at once awakens there new knowledge, the sense of this mysterious creation.
In the occult abyss was fixed Aswapati’s rendezvous with the Night. He had gone there to woo her dark and dangerous heart. His footprints on the track have become the seals of divinity, and thence shall gush radiant fountains. Around him all is felicitous, and wonderful, and the daylight of conscious suns is within him. The dread is over, and Aswapati is in the company of the great Gods and Goddesses. His whole being is filled with bliss and an undying power becomes his strength. But he has also the perception that this is not the journey’s end, and that the Highest must be reached.
Across the land of sensuous beauty are the realms of observation and understanding. Now another faculty, that of the early mind, has been set into action. In the process Reason stumbles upon the fissioned atom and in it sees the omnipotent’s force. Yet what is witnessed is the tyranny of Matter’s logic imposed upon the Spirit’s swiftness of thought. There has to be a greater Mind to see a greater truth. Yet of little avail are these wonderful powers of Mind. Aswapati now meets in the Ideal’s world the Thinker or Manishi. He is in the company of shining archangels and kings of thought. Theirs is an attempt to grasp Truth’s absolute. The divine powers of seeing and hearing come as natural gifts. But Mind is incapable of understanding these works of Truth.

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