Sunday, February 25, 2024

Kittu Reddy passed away

 Collated by Tusar Nath Mohapatra

#MadrasHC temporarily restrained the Auroville Foundation’s authority from admitting new residents or terminating anyone from the international township until further orders.

Auroville Foundation invites applications of experienced candidates for the Auroville Fellowship Program under various domains. There are 30 positions available for young aspirants to engage with Auroville and contribute to the realization of the city of goals. (1/4)

The Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts and Auroville Foundation cordially invites you to a MoU Signing Event & Lecture Session by Dr.David Frawley on 26th February 2024 at 4 pm.

Venue - Samvet Auditorium, IGNCA, Janpath, New Delhi

#CultureUnitesAll #mou

@MinOfCultureGoI @kishanreddybjp @arjunrammeghwal @M_Lekhi @Sachchida_Joshi

Momemtous occasion signing of MoU between IGNCA and Auroville Foundation  promoting Art and Culture reflecting shared commitent for human unity and progress. Dr David Frawley to grace the occassion.

#Auroville #AurovilleFoundation #IGNCA #MoU #HumanUnity

Check out the latest article in my newsletter: A Journey of Unity and Consciousness: Celebrating the Mother's Birthday in Auroville… via @LinkedIn

Quite so. If one is thinking of Sanatana Dharma as a sacred science, might as well make it as universal as science.

Protecting the original mandate of Auroville and giving it its desired autonomy is key to India's future as a Vishwa Guru

Respected @PMOIndia @narendramodi, I bring to your attention the concerning state of audits and corruption in #Auroville, as highlighted by @EduMinOfIndia. Your intervention is earnestly requested. @rajbhavan_tn  @CBIHeadquarters @dir_ed @avfoundation

Here's the French journalist in #Auroville yesterday, asking for donations to counter terrorism - a true Aurovilian indeed. Why is @avfoundation still keeping these people in the register of residents? @EduMinOfIndia @PMOIndia @AmitShahOffice @dpradhanbjp

Today, Dr Kittu Reddy has left for heavenly abode. A pillar for Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, a policy influencer for Indian Army, an educationist & above all a man without whom Spixels would not have been possible #kittureddy #sriaurobindoashram #pondicherry #indianarmy

Kittuda was my teacher in the Higher Course for The Human Cycle & The Ideal of Human Unity by Sri Aurobindo

The years '90-'92. Tumultuous in India and the world. Extremely fortunate to interpret the sweeping events in his classes. Kittuda passed away this morning. My respects

I have long noticed this. Perhaps because Sri Aurobindo wrote academically respectable books, or because of a general chauvinism, or because the Mother's emphasis on experience rather than theory is difficult for intellectually orientated Westerners to understand.

The 71st Colloquium lecture titled "The Relevance of Sri Aurobindo Today"delivered by noted academician, Prof.Sachidananda Mohanty, VC, Central University of Odisha and Governing Board Member of Auroville Foundation, administered by the MHRD, Government of India, UICET, PU

She felt like it was fate, drawing her there. It's been 30 yrs since then, working the same job pressing flowers into stationary. But like the other women in her unit she has never considered pursuing Aurovillian status, for myriad reasons.

In today's continuing of our civilizational thread about Sri Aurobindo's work, we introduce his work through two excellent explanatory videos:

* John David Ebert on Sri Aurobindo's The Human Cycle…

* John David Ebert on Sri Aurobindo's The Life Divine…


January 2024 issue: An essay by Sri Aurobindo, titled “The Chariot of Jagannath,” is worth reading for its relevance to #Auroville.

The four wheels of the chariot of Jagannath, “Unity, Freedom, Knowledge and Power” feel more unbalanced than before...

Just as there are unsung heroes in the world, similarly Auroville Today is largely taken-for-granted, under-appreciated, unsung magazine of Auroville. Thanks mainly  to two children of the Mother - Carel and Alan. 

Auroville Today: February Issue 415:…

Sri Aurobindo on the conditions of a free world-union and the transformation of the national idea

Sri Aurobindo on Memory and Knowledge-Ignorance

The magic of great writing is such. Its method and purpose are not to merely describe things but to evoke analogies, imagery and a strange sense of space and time in a manner that goes straight into the subconscious of the reader and strikes a chord

The essay by Matthew David Segall, titled "Awakening to Our Planetary Mission: A Journey Through Cosmic History," explores the evolution of the universe and humanity's place within it. Segall reflects on the universe's beginnings, the fine-tuning that allowed for life, and the emergence of human consciousness as a pivotal moment in cosmic history.

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