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Who stays as permanent resident of Golconde

From Sunil to date 6 January 2011 12:01 subject For posting
Give back the Ashram to whom it belongs.

People come and go, but what is permanent is the force and power that sustains them and is the source of all harmony and support behind the existence, for without it nothing can exist and all may perish given the capacity of any individual or power. So it is wiser to work for that which is permanent, which is all love, which is our true self hidden behind these cloaks of ignorance run by ambition and power and possession which lead to no lasting satisfaction. How are we to make this shift from personal greatness to the greatness of all, how we can serve the community instead of my personal preferences, how we can serve the Divine which is abiding in all that exists. One way is to see what divides and what unites. If it unites it has a greater use, if it divides it makes us what we already are the small ego. But are we going to remain the small ego or take part in the big movements that are flowering around us. Are we going to ride the waves of progress, beauty, harmony and strength or close ourselves in our dark little box and expect things to go our way. What is it going to be for the seekers of perfection, for the aspirants of a higher life, for well wishers of the Ashram, for the disciples of Sri Aurobindo. If we are to be a little of the worthy of the Mother’s love we need to give ourselves to Her, to see how She would do things, how She would tirelessly pour Her love on all of us. How She would patiently guide and protect us and carve the way of the future for the new world so that we may live, be and experience the wealth that is known only in the Heavens.
Are we going to say no to Her gifts just because we want power for ourselves, what use is such power if in spite of being a Trustee one is surrounded by conflict, is busy protecting its power in any which way possible, is busy feeling the pressure of misdeeds surmounting, is busy taking credit in oneself for the praise and respect that people give to a Trustee, is busy juggling between the position and self greatness to an opening of failure, is busy recruiting soldiers for personal protection and support, is smashing all that stands in one’s way of being in power and sole right. With all this how much room is left for simplicity, for a hearty laughter, for peace of mind which even a poor man with nothing can be seen enjoying. Given the fruits is it worth living for one’s petty arrogances, or is it better to live for others in which all that you have lost even returns.
If Ashram is one’s job, let us collaborate in whose Ashram it is and serve that. The Mother loves her children and She always wants the best for them, can’t we collaborate in that and open all the heavenly doors for us too in the process. What works for them is our agenda. No more what works for me for I am limitation and ignorance and have failed and will fail. What forwards the Divine movement is our only goal. It is not too difficult, is it?

It works for people to come to Pondicherry for Darshan days and take part in the meditation and be around the magnificent that vibrates. For that the Mother had kept the timing for meditation from 10 am to 10.30 am. This gives people the necessary time if they are coming from a distance; it keeps the energy vibrant all day along as the peak time it is 10 am and not 6 am. And we won’t close doors as we do now just after the meditation in the school and declare it over and everybody has to be in the street even before breakfast. We give them the space for the divine Lila with the celebrity in the air as it has always been when the Mother was there.
We are not apart from the world, we are part of the world. If comfort and peace we seek we do it by embracing and not by closing doors. It is in the opening and sharing we manifest love, peace, harmony and express that reality. You are a trustee to serve the divine, and the divine is in the people, so you need to see what works for them, if you have personal likes and dislikes you have to consult it with the ever loving source, it is a collective working that has to be sought.
When I was in the school I remember how the Mother brought the best of talent from around the world to give us the best education. She constructed the state of the art guest house called Golconde for their temporary residence. In the evening I remember there was a choice which language class would you like to join, which drama or play would you like to participate in, which music instrument you would like to learn, with an ever spray of performers from all over India and around the world offering their show to the Ashram. There was life being lived, enchantment was a natural experience and wonder a constant play mate. Now this philosophy of closing doors what has it brought, even the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education has lost the International in it.

And who stays as permanent residence of Golconde the creators of new versions of the writings of Sri Aurobindo, the gang who wants to prove to the world Sri Aurobindo was not competent, his hand writing was bad, his eyesight was bad, his experiences were hallucinations and we will give you Sri Aurobindo as we want him to be and as we see him and we are the great ones, living greatly and who can question our position and power and anybody who raises an objection becomes dirt.
Where is our willingness for what is right, our commitment for the victory of the Divine, can we not serve the Divine and nothing else. Can we be strong enough to respect and live the life of Sri Aurobindo Ashram which the Mother has created and is creating for us? Sunil

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