Thursday, December 9, 2010

Matter’s Trance, Sleep and Waking

The purpose of this article is to correct some misinterpretations in the Lives of Sri Aurobindo (referred to as LOSA hereafter) regarding the Mother Mirra Alfassa's trip to Japan. We find the following descriptions in LOSA ... 
But Heehs does the reverse; he presents the spiritual truth and counters it with the materialistic view, so that he ends up downplaying Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy and criticising his works in a hostile manner for the sake of gaining sympathy from the materialist. Not that he does not appreciate or present the spiritual view of Sri Aurobindo, but he tilts the final balance of negative and positive statements against him.
Aurobindo's ability to include such 'Western' values into his philosophy is true to the Indian tradition which throughout history has made possible the inclusion of widely varying ideas. Few places in the world have fostered such ...
'When the Mother saw that I was protesting so strongly about placing Sri Aurobindo's body in the Samadhi, She took me by the hand and led me to His body, then asked me if I could still see the golden light that had been there all these ...
From Joy Roy Choudhury to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date 3 December 2010 22:57 subject On the Eve of 5th Dec, 2010
Dear Shri Mohapatra,
On the eve of 5th Dec, 2010, I am presenting a small art-exhibit for online viewers who are followers of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. The title is: Introspection on the Lines of Savitri: An Exhibition of Symbols of Matter’s Trance, Sleep and Waking
The paintings are done by Samij Datta and they are 1. Midnight-Cow; 2. Patience; 3. Belief; 4. Surrender and 5. Thy Prayer. And I have put a little introduction to it - can be viewed at:
Regards Joy

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  1. Sandeep,

    If I remember correctly your postings in Mirror of Tomorrow, you wrote that you are not a devotee; or not a bhakta. But I am one and, although certainly I am not the Mother, I can somehow imagine how it must have looked like, to find herself materially cut off from Sri Aurobindo, from one day to the next… In the company of Paul Richard instead… a titanic manifestation of the Asura of Falsehood, the Lord of Nations… trying to strangle the Mother and throw her out of the window, because she refused to surrender to him instead of Sri Aurobindo, plus other details that I prefer to omit…

    In my smallness, every time I returned to my husband in Rome I spent the first two months sleeping as much as I could, so lost and lonely I felt, suddenly deprived of the atmosphere and company of certain great sadhaks… Many times I asked them how could they bear to keep living, without the physical presence of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother…

    The Avatar is both, divine and human. This is his uniqueness.