Sunday, December 12, 2010

If you neither cling to the divine nor surrender to the Divine

From Sunil date 12 December 2010 14:53 subject For posting
“There are two paths of yoga, (…) You take it in with every breath.”

The baby cat or the baby monkey method is used as an example to describe one’s approach towards the Divine in the Sadhana. According to one’s personal nature the individual approaches the Divine and may be a baby cat or a baby monkey or may vary depending on how the movement of the consciousness is working. The psychic approach of the cat where one surrenders completely to the Divine and has no personal interference is considered to produce results faster than the monkey approach where one does not surrender or rely totally on the Divine but clings to the divine and in this clinging is led by the Divine.
But if you neither cling to the divine nor surrender to the Divine, you are not doing Sadhana and cannot claim any fruit of the Sadhana. What you are is an insignificant grain in the vast universe, a small particle in the flow of the Nature. Yoga is not done without doing, and you don’t qualify for either path of the Yoga automatically. As long as we live in the ordinary nature the personal effort of the individual remains indispensable. Sunil

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