Monday, October 6, 2008

AurovilleTV wants to use the non-linear dynamic structure of the internet

Launch of AurovilleTV with the first live broadcast
Town Hall - Conference room ::: 7:00 PM

AurovilleTV wants to function as a platform to use the non-linear dynamic structure of the internet for putting together a picture of Auroville. The idea is to produce news, interviews, visual impressions and to broadcast certain events live. And there is still room to develop further formats. To celebrate the launch, AurovilleTV will do a live broadcast of the celebration of 40 years of collaboration between Auroville and UNESCO, taking place October 10th in Paris.

We will screen this live broadcast in the Town Hall conference room, after a short presentation of the AurovilleTV project. Starting at 7 p.m. Friday 10 October Town Hall - Conference room

Programme (in French): 16h00-18h30 - Table ronde Auroville - un monde émergent : ses perspectives d’avenir 19h00-20h30 - Événement musical A Sense of the Infinite - Musique contemporaine indienne et du monde par le groupe NADAKA d’Auroville. posted by chloe

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