Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Dawning Age of Sri Aurobindo

Since 2000, I have needed a sort of bodhisattva figure. In a sense, I've had that in Osiris... but that's not as tangible and visceral as in Malek Ta'us/Deo Pavo. He seems to be making both Osiris and Horus more palpably human, more compassionate, more involved in the soul of the manifest world, sexier and more adaptable. And He seems necessary, for a host of reasons, to the Dawning Age of Horus (which I see best exemplified in the ideas of Sri Aurobindo, somewhat dimly glimpsed by Crowley). He will help me to come to the right sort of political adjustment that is appropriate for my individual work. Once I've come to terms with the broad social -- humanity as the political and economic -- then I expect to go deeper--as student and teacher--with people who come into my life organically. And I may give some of this energy to what I'm calling--for lack of a better term--an "Osirian Medicine Society" --something there's a general need for, especially in Fellowship of Isis (little "men's" content or role for the God as a co-equal being).

We have a lot of "community as teacher" practice and potential in Pagan religions. The coven model lends itself to it, and it's one I'd like to give more energy to. I want to explore models of collective process that I know about from the Meher Baba movement and various monasticisms... and I think it's part of what I admire about the Society of Friends. With a truly committed circle of folks who are doing deep work, we can go deeper than alone or with a teacher. Two and triangulation are always dangerous. 5-9 seems optimal. For me, there are lots of Gods and lore... but it seems that what I have most to offer is the distilled and pared down fruit of that rich innter world. Baroque inside, Zen outside. I AM THAT Copper's Klatsch and Catch-All Earlier Entry Later Entry Recent Entries Archive

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