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On the name of secularism we do not know anything about other religions

Re: The Indian Spiritual Bomb - India's Mission: a fusion of religions by Dr. Ananda Reddy
by rakesh on Sat 25 Aug 2007 08:36 PM PDT Profile Permanent Link
thank you, Rich, for posting this interesting article.
"The assimilation of the Mahomedan culture also was done in the mind to a great extent and it would have perhaps gone further. But in order that the process may be complete it is necessary that a change in the Mahomedan mentality should come. The conflict is in the outer life and unless the Mahomedans learn tolerance I do not think the assimilation is possible."
As the article reiterates that "The truth" is what matters most and not clinging to any religion. We have also to try to study the Islamic spiritual literature for example sufism which corresponds with a lot great truths with Vedanta. What does the Koran say? Of course we can find belligerent messages ,so also in the Gita, but is there the key for spiritual realisation in it at least to some extent? I would personally want to do this search before commenting on their esoteric side of orthodox Islam...
We have to also understand that the letters written by Sri Aurobindo are to a sadhak of the Supramental Yoga. We cannot apply the same standards to the masses who still need outward customs and religion. When we talk about religion it has to allow other religious communities live in peace and in harmony. The problem with Islam I think is the preaching of sectarianism and a major feeling of other religions trying to mitigate Islam. These are ideas are hammered into young minds in religious schools and mosques.
On the name of secularism we do not know anything about other religions. If only muslims are taught about more about hinduism and Islam itself in our regular schools and hindus know more about Islam I think it would benefit the community. In a country like India where religion plays a major role in the community life it is very important that a balanced religious education about all religions and their moral and spiritual core values included in the syllabi.
Religious education in our schools is very important to close the gap and bring some light into ignorant minds before they start fighting. We have to look deeper into other religions and teach our children the esoteric knowledge in them. Only then I can see some hope and fusion between communities. It is not by neglecting other cultures but by understanding them that we can bring all together.
Muslims think all hinduism is about worshipping a thousand gods and they worship a formless god. It is the same truth that Vedanta reiterates. How we neglect to study other religions deeply and miss the point out of ignorance. Why are we not educated about these things in our schools?
I feel so enthused to state what Ramakrishna Paramahamsa says that God is without form but never for one second think that He has no form. God is with form and without form which is hard for the mind to understand without spiritual experience.

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