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Sri Aurabindo wasn't a lexicanologist or anthropologist

 Collated by Tusar Nath Mohapatra

Lines from Sri Aurobindo comes to one's mind," The Fiend was visible but cloaked in light;He seemed a helping angel from the skies,He armed untruth with Scripture and the law,he deceived with wisdom and virtue slew the soul..." The only great man who refused to meet Gandhi.

Sri aurabindo wasn't a lexicanologist or anthropologist. Sanskrit is Eurasian laungage which flourished across sub continent alongside the migration of Eurasian steppes, 8000 years ago.

Come with some peer reviewed articles of lexicanologist or anthropologist than coming out with trash of Aurobindo.

Stop sending me Aurobindo garbage. Just including  few Sanskrit words does not authenticate  nothing. You people are shameless in saying Australia is where Indian yogis kept  war fares.

If Indian yogis were so great why 87% foodless here until 6 decades ago.

I'd rather put Swami Vivekanand and Aurobindo's photo under Buddha murti instead of Ambedkar and Phule as the former two were closer to the Buddha ideologically than the latter two.

Hence Nisargatta Maharajs humble statement the himself he is a mere school teacher and osho is like principal of large school.  Osho discourses of zen were taught by Japanese masters… sheer spiritual genius.  What aurobindo is to free India, osho is to modern world. /3

And we don't hear much about those who truly were great such as Sri Aurobindo..

A person with all possible qualities one can think of.. a scholar, saint, revolutionary, poet, philosopher..

Dr. Alok Pandey from the Sri Aurobindo ashram is a specialist on it. He was a psychiatrist in the Indian Air force. Another article on the subject:

Also his analysis on tantra is completely wrong..I respect him tho...I find sri aurobindo one of the great spiritual master of 20th century but his writing are very difficult to understand if you aren't a sadhaka.

Why only 2021, what about my case? I'm the perfect example of the Auroville criminal gang attack and robbery, by the #Auroville Land board and WC. @EduMinOfIndia @avfoundation @rajbhavan_tn

Uncovering the dark side of farming in #Auroville: undue enrichment at the expense of principles. If this is the norm, why bother with rules, law, charter, and PMLA. FEMA?  @narendramodi @avfoundation @EduMinOfIndia @dpradhanbjp @dir_ed @rajbhavan_tn

MLA petitions Secretary, Auroville Foundation: alleges exclusion of Tamils, visa denial to foreigners, crores of rupees bribes in land deals and warns of public agitation @rajbhavan_tn @avfoundation #Auroville…

This has been the practice in #Auroville, covering up crimes with no criminal action, undue influence on investigative agencies, and suppression facts. Is this still continuing in the name of a Human Experiment? @PMOIndia @HMOIndia @EduMinOfIndia @avfoundation @rajbhavan_tn

We clearly don't have financial sovereignty. Collective decision process from the residents has been by-passed in the last few years. We have an international network of well wishers who share the Auroville values abroad which is definitely akin to an extended network.

A city without politics, religions and money were the ideals for Auroville given by the Mother who founded it in 1968. Auroville is far from that ideal and to claim that it has already become so is ignorant and false propaganda.

I just published Auroville - ‘City of Dawn’: How Sri Aurobindo and The Mother’s Vision Became a Global Sanctuary

Auroville is changing. When I lived here in 2020, aurovillians were discontent. But today, they are deeply unhappy. Plans for Bharat nivas are slowly eclipsing the Mother's vision. Matrimandir viewing point now looks like a mining site.…

The Soul of Auroville with barely any trees, and now an artificial lake with HDPE liner, which apparently is not meant to host life?! 

Barbarians of the old world ..

Join us as we explore the various figurative, communicative and aesthetic aspects to ponder over the concept of a shot, primarily as a ‘cinematographic act’.

With Deb Kamal Ganguly

16th April, 2024 ; 14:30 to 18:30 IST_Online

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Rhythm of Life Workshop today at Bharat Nivas, Auroville a beginning made to introduce to Carnatic music system, Mantra, understanding voice and rhythm ending with a jam session. The hours just passed by with such warmth and delight, the learning a joyful unfolding. #Auroville

The Kama Sutra draws attention to the tension between the monogamous housewife and the polygamous courtesan. The former has access to status, power, dignity and nobility while the latter has freedom, agency and enterprise. The two belong to very different worlds. This was part of Indian culture for over 2,000 years. This system was broken down brutally by the British with the support of nationalists, who saw the courtesan culture as a sign of corruption and debauchery. In this one aspect, the nationalists and the colonialists agreed.

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