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Sri Aurobindo's nationalism was part of a spiritual vision


4 days ago — Tara Jauhar and Anju Khanna, with participation of Bhuvana Nandakumar, share on educational activities led by the Sri Aurobindo Ashram – Delhi Branch, ..
4 days ago — The Regional Centre of IGNCA, Puducherry cordially invites you to the Book relase function written by Dr.V. Ananda Reddy. ... This book “Sri Aurobindo: The Grand ...
Even Sri Aurobindo Stands 'Cancelled' Today By Wokes l Gautam ChikermaneSubscribe to Swarajya on YouTube.Get a Swarajya subscription: ...
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In a scholarly, yet simple talk on a complex subject, the speaker highlights that Sri Aurobindo's nationalism was part of a spiritual vision that celebrated ...
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[PDF] An anti-secularist pan-Asianist from Europe: Paul Richard in Japan, 1916–1920

HM Krämer - Modern Asian Studies
… 1 26Mirra Richard (née Alfassa) later became the head of Aurobindo’s ashram
and is commonly known as … His work with Aurobindo, though, can hardly be
labelled as simply political. Rather, he tried to work productively with Aurobindo’s …

Economics and politics under Modi government: A synoptic view

S Chowdhury - Human Geography, 2022
… interpreted as flowing from its ideology of Hindutva, an ideology of aggressive
Hindu nationalism. … We argue that BJP wants to redefine the Indian nation in its
Hindutva image. Such a re-… multiple factors pertaining to Hindutva, nationalism …

[PDF] Civilizational Populism: Definition, Literature, Theory, and Practice

I Yilmaz, N Morieson - Religions, 2022
… Hindutva and Hinduism has given rise to much misunderstanding and mutual
suspicion between some of those sister communities that have inherited this
inestimable and common treasure of our Hindu civilization… It is enough to point out …

Designing Cultural Events: The Case of Norway

In this chapter we look at the role of nature in cultural events and the role of event
design in facilitating holistic experiences of nature and culture. Throughout history,
human cultures have drawn inspiration from nature, and cultural events, such as …

[PDF] Canada's National Ballet School and the evolution of Sharing Dance

R Bar, J Dalrymple - Dance, Ageing and Collaborative Arts-Based Research
… These were older people in the community who were already participating in an
adapted yoga class for older people. Meeting them and … Funding from PHAC and
this research project had been integral to getting this program launched; in keeping …


MA Baig, A Ali - 2022
… to a distorted version of Hindu religion called Hindutva and to cleanse, eliminate,
and to demonise them if necessary.Briefly, Hindutva is an instrument of distorting …
This is the briefest definition of Hindutva ideology which hesitates not resorting to …

[HTML] How has Hindutva populism blurred the line between caste and religion in Indian democracy?

S Raj
… During the parliamentary elections in 2014, the BJP successfully mobilized non-Yadav
historically disadvantaged groups’ votes in their favour, all while running on the
plank of Hindutva. Under the umbrella of Hindutva, Narendra Modi played the ‘politics 

[PDF] GAU MATA: The Commodification of Cultural Iconography

M Kulkarni - Shodhasamhita, 2022
… This essay also makes an effort to go beyond the interpretation of these literary
works to contemporary issues with the Hindutva Brigade‘s … I‘ll make an effort to
comprehend the current trend of cultural appropriation and the rising importance of …

[PDF] Do you believe in Ram Setu? Adam's Bridge, epistemic plurality and colonial legacy

A Chatterjee - 2022
… On the other hand, Adam’s Bridge’s colonial history, seen in the light of the
Hindutva mobilization to classify it as a national heritage monument, recasts the
Sethusamudram as a strategic internal conflict for the Indian state, that can and does …

[PDF] Relating the Philosophy of Siva Gita to Amish Tripathi's Immortals of Meluha the Mythic and Heroic Tale of Dharma and Karma

FP Desai, N Prajapati - Shodhasamhita, 2022
… Both are termed as Upanishad and Yoga –Shastra. Both discuss the knowledge
pertaining to the Supreme-Being, Brahma-Vidya. … Myth is an integral part of this
novel. Some of the main characters in mythological stories are Gods, while others …

[PDF] Darshan–The Changed Gaze: Looking Back in Wonder and Concern

B Ohm, P Rita, A Horakh - Dastavezi| The Audio-Visual South Asia, 2022
… to Narendra Modi and Hindu nationalism/Hindutva seems to ooze some
manipulation yet … about genuine curiosity, which is what Hindutva has
systematically stripped its followers of. … still untainted by their appropriation …

Patriotism and Nationalism: Sounds of Dissent and Resistance in Contemporary India

M Sharma - Global Media Arts Education, 2023
… Saffronization refers to the dominance of Hindutva in the current Indian
government led by the BJP. Saffron is a significant color in Hindu religion and
Hindutva calls for a Hindu-centric cultural, national, and religious identity. The term …

[PDF] Asian Journal of

M D'Costa, KP SJ
… So, Hindutva is incompatible with minorities, which is why they become a ‘misfit’
according to Savarkar’s Hindutva and hence detrimental and dangerous to the ‘Hindu-Rashtra’.
Whereas, patriotism on the other hand has nothing to do with one’s religion or culture …

Religion and the Public Sphere: The Multifaceted Role of Sacred Sites in Political Mobilisation in the Kashmir Valley

Z Batul - South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies, 2022
… Behera’s work, though carefully researched, understates the impact of the rising
Hindutva in India on Kashmir’s politics. Similarly, in her discussion of Islamisation,
she barely examines the historical context in which these identities were formed …

[PDF] Singing the River in Punjab: Poetry, Performance and Folklore

R Kapuria, N Kumar - South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies, 2022
This paper traces the centrality of rivers in twentieth-century and contemporary
popular music and poetry in the regional context of Punjab in the north-west of the
subcontinent. In contrast to the riverine imaginations in the songs of eastern or …

[PDF] Populism, Storytelling, and Polarization in Mexico

R Sarsfield, Z Abuchanab - 2022
According to the ideational definition of populism, the president of Mexico, Andrés
Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), has certainly exhibited a populist narrative (Sarsfield
2022). Departing from such conceptualization, this work tries to explore, however …

[HTML] Clerical fascism

M Kampf
Clerical fascism (also clero-fascism or clerico-fascism) is an ideology that combines
the political and economic doctrines of fascism with clericalism. The term has been
used to describe organizations and movements that combine religious elements …
India's freedom came due to the sacrifice of millions of Indians in half a century-long struggle led first by Sri Aurobindo, Tilak, CR Das, and later by Gandhi, Nehru, Patel, etc. Bose's role was marginal and if his INA and Hitler allies had won India won't have got freedom.
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Macbeth, Hayavadana, and what have you selforum.blogspot.com/2022/10/macbet Collated by Tusar Nath Mohapatra (b. 1956), Founder, Savitri Era Religion (2006) and President, Savitri Era Party (2007). Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.
#IGNCA, Regional Centre, Puducherry cordially invites you to the Book Release #SriAurobindo: The Grand Synthesis written by Dr.V. Ananda Reddy. 1st November 2022, 4.30 pm, at Unity Pavilion, Auroville.
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Congrats! If you can, do check out Udavi School in Auroville. The children there are amazing and will really help hone your ideas.
‘Visited Auroville, Never Left’: How A Trip Turned into Booming Biz of Natural Soaps
At a mindfulness centre in #Auroville, the writer discovered a practice that keeps giving
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Go to Auroville. The exact place you are searching for
One of the most beautiful learning experiences of my life : visiting Sadhana Forest in Auroville and spending a few hours with humans who have chosen to live life in the forest in order to live sustainably and share the planet in it’s truest sense. #sadhanaforest
Hitlist of people made in #Auroville.We must ask you to act in various forms from media to courts, which are your bounden duties? Are these the Constitutional rights that our Republic upholds?

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