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Two plots for college building and playground were allotted to SAES

July 18, 2015 - savemirambika
Mirambika Crisis: Chronological facts re why 45 Mirambika parents have gone before the Delhi High Court against SAES & Others?
1st July,1964
Sri Aurobindo Education Society was formed under the provisions of Societies Registration Act, 1860.
5th March,1984
Two plots of land one for 5 acre for “college building” and another for 4.84 acre for playground was allotted to the Society.
As per the prevailing norms prescribed in MPD 1962, for college 15 acres was to be allotted and for School and allied activities 5 to 10 acre land was to be allotted.
Sometime after the allotment in March,1984
Late Shri V P Kashyap, IAS the then Secretary of SAES gave an affidavit to DDA that that, the 9.84 acres of land located in Kalu Sarai is meant to be used for MIRAMBIKA Research Center for Integral Education and Human Values. As per the affidavit,  there was no proposal by the Society for the construction of a regular traditional college but the proposal was to construct a building for the following uses-(i)  Research Wing (ii) Teachers training Wing, (iii) Children Wing (Nursery section), (iv) Library, and (v)   Auditorium
7th April,1984
This affidavit / request was processed by the DDA.
28th August,
After noting the content of the affidavit and the request, it was noted by DDA:
·        Therefore, it is suggested that the allotment may be examined whether it is given for the purposes of college or for a research and training center, which is covered as an institutional use not as a college purpose.
·        As the plan is already under consideration for approval before the Commission and the Building Department, if any action is required for the change of lease, the same may kindly be taken immediately. It may also be checked up if any extra money is to be charged from the Society as the rate for institutional land is perhaps Rs. 6.00 laces per acre.
9th November,
Perpetual Lease for 5 Acre of land for “college building” and temporary lease of 4.84 acre of land was executed in favor of the Society at highly concessional rates by DDA.
September, 1985
Late Shri V P Kashyap, IAS the then Secretary of SAES filed a counter affidavit in the Supreme Court of India stating that
“……..7.That this respondent got the land ABCD the area of which is 9.84 acres (5 acres for the college buildings and 4.84 acres for play grounds) as shown below:-
(b)   This Respondent was running a School at premises adjacent to Sri Aurobindo Ashram. After preliminary dialogue, this respondent made a formal application on 18th February, 1965 to the Delhi Administration for allotment of the land for the purpose of setting up a special college on the ideals of Sri Aurobindo.”
4th December, 1985
DDA granted building permission for the building as per the affidavit submitted by late Shri V P Kashyap, for three years till 4th December, 1988.
7th January, 1986
Construction of Mirambika building commenced.
14th August, 1986
The Society, in the meeting held on the eve of Sri Aurobindo Birthday, decided that:
“Resolved that institutional land allotted of 9.84 acres to the society be utilized for MIRAMBIKA- Research Centre for integral Education and Human Values, with mainly four Units:
–      A pilot School
–      A Teacher Training College
–      A Research Unit proper
–      A Research Centre
The chairman was authorized to submit plans for sanction and subsequent construction of the same.
The members felt that such an institution is of utmost necessity in the present Educational turmoil existing.”
27th July,1988
SAES applied for permission to open the Mirambika Free Progress School.
29th August, 1988
Competent Authorities issued Essentiality Certificate.
30th August, 1988
SAES requested that since Mirambika Free Progress School is an Autonomous School, certain relaxations be granted to it.
This request was not denied.
5th January,1989
Recognition was granted to Mirambika Free Progress School.
Upon completion of Mirambika Building, school started functioning from the new building, where it resided till 13/4/2015.
21st February, 1992
Up gradation granted to Mirambika Free Progress School up to 10thStandard.
19th January,2015
A decision was also taken in the meeting of the Executive Committee Board of the Society to introduce degree / diploma courses. Apparently from the same building from where Mirambika was functioning till 13/4/2015. The foregoing was not disclosed to anybody/the petitioners.
19th February,2015
Applications were made to the Government of Delhi for issuance of No Objection Certificates for commencement of M.Ed., B.Ed., B.Com and B. Tech. (Computer Science & IT) courses. Apparently from the same building from where Mirambika was functioning till 13/4/2015. The foregoing was not disclosed to anybody/the petitioners.
25th February,2015
Application(s) were also made to the AICTE seeking approval for establishment for an institution for running B. Tech in Computer Science and Information Technology course exclusively for girls. Apparently from the same building from where Mirambika was functioning till 13/4/2015. The foregoing was not disclosed to anybody/the petitioners…
20th March, 2015
Children of the School were sent on Picnic on the day of inspection of their School building by AICTE based on SAES application mentioned above.
13th April,
When the parents came to know about the above, they made a complaint to AICTE and requested that proceedings before SAC (Standing Committee of Appeal) scheduled for 14th April, 2015 be deferred.
Intervening night of 13th -14th April, 2015
Mirambika Free Progress School closed and shifted to Ashram premises.
This brutal, totally illegal & uninformed closure and subsequent shifting was widely criticized.
27th April, 2015
Petitioner made a representation to various authorities including DDA informing them regarding the closure of the school by SAES on the pretext that operation of the school since 1991 on the land allotted for college was a violation of the 1984 perpetual lease deed executed in favor of the Society by the DDA, and it could ultimately lead to cancellation of the allotment and resumption of land by the DDA.
6th May, 2015
Some of the parents moved the Delhi High  Court by filing a writ petition. The Hon’ble Court was pleased to direct “status quo” with regard to the building prior to 14th April,2015.
6th July, 2015
Following an RTI application, it was revealed that Chief Legal Adviser of DDA has opined that:
“…..To summarize if it is deemed administratively appropriate, the school may continue as per legal position discussed in the foregoing paragraphs and the Engineering College should not be allowed to be set ­up as it would be contrary to the purpose and the terms and conditions of allotment.”
Upon refusal by / failure of the Society to take the School back to its original building, the 45 parents have petitioned the Delhi High Court in two groups, first one of 9 in May (before DDA SCN and CLA legal opinion) and second one of 36 in July (after DDA SCN and CLA legal opinion).

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