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India needs aggressive virtues

Re: Four movements of consciousness Posted - Mon Jul 11, 2011 2:49 am
More than a poet, Aurobindo had ideas that attract a philosopical mind. All wars according to him are between the Divine and the Asuric. He speaks of the victory of the Allies.The Allies have stood for human values, he says.
He speaks of Vedic divisions of the Aryans and the Dravidians. We know the nomadic Aryans forcibly encroached another culture though in the long run it got mixed up. He says the Mantras of the Vedas illuminated our minds.
He says that no individual is indispensable. Our modern leaders think that each one of them is essential historically. India needs aggressive virtues. The spirit of soaring idealism is essential. That we lack in the modern era. So our leaders do not have any compunction in accepting bribes, in nepotism etc. Aurobindo had long back realised the follies of future politicians.
Hindu society has the customary habit of deifying something. When they do it, they forget the negative side of it. That is why we have innumerable saints and fake teachers in this century.
He wants religions not to fight because in doing so both the disputing 'pots' will break. He also says that there must be the remnants of past civilizations so that the process of continuity should not break. 
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