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Hindu has provided highly slanted coverage of the cases against Heehs

Science, Culture and Integral Yoga Darshan Day Message: Justice! (Heehs case stayed by Orissa High Court)
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The complaints were vague and gave no evidence that either complainant had any knowledge of the contents of Heehs’s book. It thus seems possible that the complainants were acting as pawns for the leaders of the Pondicherry-based movement against Heehs.

The two cases appear to have been intended to harass Heehs and to draw attention away from the actual matter of interest before the High Court, a Writ Petition that has delayed the publication of Heehs’s book for twelve months. It is to be hoped that the High Court will be now pass its long-delayed ruling on the Writ Petition, opening the way to the publication of Heehs’s book.

It is worth noting that the Hindu, a daily newspaper that normally provides balanced coverage of the news, has from the beginning provided highly slanted coverage of the cases against Heehs. Note that in the present report the unnamed “correspondent” states that Heehs’s book “has disparaging comments” about Sri Aurobindo, an opinion that only a minority of the hundreds of people who have read and appreciated the book would endorse.

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"The book titled “The Lives of Sri Aurobindo” published by Columbia University Press, US, has disparaging comments about the life of the spiritual leader." It is interesting to see how fiction turns to fact in history.

Correspondents and researchers quote information that they find repeated in "prestigious" sources. Slippery behind-the-scene negotiations (complex agency) mark the appearance of interpretations in "prestigious sources." This is the contest for truth, part of the will to power. Once established, such "truth" proliferates with a life of its own. Once it has been repeated a sufficient number of times, it is held as self-evident fact, not even worth citing. Gradually, following a Darwinian evolutionary course, alternate (recessive) interpretations disappear and only reproductions of the dominant version remain as the human memory of "what happened." db Reply

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Congratulations. I'm glad things have worked out for Peter. It's a relief to hear this. Reply

Robert E. Wilkinson has left a new comment on your post "Barin Ghose, Dilip Kumar Roy, and Anna Bogenholm S...":

The lack of progress in the yoga described by Raman Reddy is an unfortunate but predictable situation. What else would you expect when the Auroville elites refuse even to consider two thirds of the yogic formula given forth as an aid to securing the Integral Realization. Having rejected the contributions of the Cosmic and Individual members of the Supramental Line, they are left with only the Transcendent realization and virtually no way to achieve it. Simply put, they have locked themselves out of the house of the Cosmic Spirit and have thrown away the KEYS to the Kingdom. Perhaps they should re-consider what Sri Aurobindo wrote about this path of yoga:

“…The distinction between the Transcendental, the Cosmic, the Individual Divine is not my invention, nor is it native to India or to Asia -- it is, on the contrary, a recognised European teaching current in the esoteric tradition of the Catholic Church where it is the authorised explanation of the Trinity, -- Father, Son and Holy Ghost… In the practice of yoga there is a great dynamic difference in one's way of dealing with these three possible realisations. If I realise only the Divine as that, not my personal self, which yet moves secretly all my personal being and which I can bring forward out of the veil, or if I build up the image of that Godhead in my members, it is a realisation but a limited one. If it is the Cosmic Godhead that I realise, losing in it all personal self, that is a very wide realisation, but I become a mere channel of the universal Power and there is no personal or divinely individual consummation for me. If I shoot up to the transcendental realisation only, I lose both myself and the world in the transcendental Absolute. If, on the other hand, my aim is none of these things by itself, but to realise and also to manifest the Divine in the world, bringing down for the purpose a yet unmanifested Power, -- such as the supermind, -- A HARMONISATION OF ALL THREE BECOMES IMPERATIVE. I have to bring it down, and from where shall I bring it down -- since it is not yet manifested in the cosmic formula -- if not from the unmanifest Transcendence, which I must reach and realise? I have to bring it into the cosmic formula and, if so, I must realise the cosmic Divine and become conscious of the cosmic self and the cosmic forces. BUT I HAVE TO EMBODY IT HERE, -- OTHERWISE IT IS LEFT AS AN INFLUENCE ONLY AND NOT A THING FIXED IN THE PHYSICAL WORLD, AND IT IS THROUGH THE DIVINE IN THE INDIVIDUAL ALONE THAT THIS CAN BE DONE.” Sri Aurobindo, -- Letters on Yoga, SABCL Vol. 22/24, p. 509-10

Indeed, the Individual SOUL is the KEY to the Integral Realization. It must be sought out FIRST and established as the proper foundation before any ascension into vertical dimensions can begin. As Sri Aurobindo explains:

FIRST, there must be a conversion inwards, a going within to find the inmost psychic being (Soul) and bring it out to the front, disclosing at the same time the inner mind, inner vital, inner physical parts of the nature. Next, there must be an ascension, a series of conversions upwards and a turning down to convert the lower parts.” Sri Aurobindo - Letters on Yoga, December 2, 1946, Sri Aurobindo Ashram Press, India, 1946, Planes and Parts of the Being. p. 251

But how is this ‘conversion inwards’ to the Psychic Being or Soul to be achieved? What kind of yogic process would take us on this inner spiral, this centripetal movement into a ‘center that holds’? Is there perhaps a cosmological formula given out by the Vedic Rishis that might give us access to these hidden dimensions within? Yes of course, says Sri Aurobindo… See: for my complete reply Posted by Robert E. Wilkinson to Aurora Mirabilis at 2:48 AM, December 10, 2009

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  1. Heeh's most prominent acolyte says "The complaints were vague and gave no evidence that either complainant had any knowledge of the contents of Heehs’s book. It thus seems possible that the complainants were acting as pawns for the leaders ".

    You cant have it both ways. So, the complaint was vague and due to the complainants not being well versed with the actual issues and yet they were acting on behalf of the "leaders" who knew the issues. Great analysis, SCIY! Just based on this, what the "leaders" have claimed of not being responsible for the lawsuit clearly seems to be the truth. And the SCIY are again witch-hunting - but the whole world knows that that is how Americans operate the world over. No surprise there!

    And anyway, the court can only decide on the legal issues not on the actual points against the book. Even the Indian courts that the SCIY tried to discredit not so long ago and is now congratulating.