Saturday, January 17, 2009

What he makes possible

Thursday, January 15, 2009 [] Sri Aurobindo on "Man"

"Man's greatness is not in what he is but in what he makes possible. His glory is that he is the closed place and secret workshop of a living labour in which supermanhood is being made ready by a divine Craftsman. But he is admitted to a yet greater greatness and it is this that, unlike the lower creation, he is allowed to be partly the conscious artisan of his divine change. His free ascent, his consecrated will and participation are needed that into his body may descend the glory that will replace him. His aspiration is earth's call to the supramental Creator." CWSA, Vol. 12, p. 160.

Hi all intellectual friends,
I shall be happy to exchange views with you on Sri Aurobindo's poetry,
philosophy and life.
Prof. Jitendra Sharma
Chairman, Sri Aurobindo Society, Calicut
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