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Seven years of the Cosmic Review from January 1902 to December 1908

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The Cosmic Review was the journal of the Cosmic Movement (The Cosmic Movement was the organisation established by Max Theon around 1900, in Tlemcen, Algeria, at the instigation of hi...) established by Max Theon (Max Theon perhaps born Louis-Maximilian Bimstein, was a Polish Jewish Kabbalist and Occultist....) around the turn of the twentieth century, at the instigation of his wife Alma Theon (Alma Theon born Mary Chrystine Woodroffe Ware was an occultist and clairvoyant, and wife of and co-worker with Max Theon....), who he declared to be the moving spirit behind this idea.

The Cosmic Review was intended for the "study and re-establishment of the original Tradition", and became the Movement's mouthpiece. Its first editor was Charles Barlet; and Theon, under the name of Aia Aziz, was its Director. Later Mirra Alfassa took over the role of editor.

The Theons and their students published a number of articles and narratives in the seven years of the Cosmic Review - from January 1902 to December 1908. Following the death of Alma in 1908, Theon suspended production of the magazine.The Cosmic Review is currently available in French, published by Aken Editions.

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The Cosmic Review

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