Wednesday, March 12, 2008

There is no comprehensive Western Yoga that would facilitate surrender

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Well said. But the Western acedemic mind which instantaneously objectifies and therefore controls everything, and which informs even the best of Derrida, has no interest in going through hell, and in fact its entire strategy is to prevent that necessary surrender and transformative process from occurring. And in some sense with good reason, because to suddenly be confronted with the over-whelming naked terror of death would drive nearly everyone insane.

There is no comprehensive Western Yoga that would even begin to facilitate that process. A truly Sacred Space within the context of a comprehensive Sacred Culture would be the necessary crucible where that process of surrender could be "cultivated" and allowed. Are there any such places?

Maybe there was historically, via the whole body participation demanded in attending a live "performance" of the greatest Greek Tragedies. But that capacity to surrender and really come up against ones mortality has long since been lost.

The Vision Quest could be useful.

Death has never REALLY been taken into account in the usual Christian blather. The much hyped "trinity" doesnt realy take death into account nor does the "jesus death and resurrection" nonsense.

By contrast the third and necessary figure/element of the Hindu trinity is Siva, the god of transformation and death. The message being that death rules to here and what are you REALLY going to do about it. And the only thing that Jesus "saves" is postage stamps. Posted by Anonymous to Feel Philosophy at 11:26 AM, March 12, 2008

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