Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sri Aurobindo can give you a whole new box of tools - and different people will use them in different ways

BlackBillBlake Senior Member January 11th, 2008, 05:27 PM Join Date: May 2004 Location: England Age: 50 robot Posts: 5,627 Hi HH - Nice to hear from you and to see you are still interested in Sri Aurobindo!
I would disregard xexon's comments about following a 'dead master' - Sri Aurobindo's philosophy is, so far as I can determine, quite unique, (the only philosopher I've encountered in 30 years with anything like a similar set of views is Teilhard DeChardin) and perhaps he's not actually as dead as all that!
You certainly won't get the same thing from any other source, despite what others may tell you. How many of them have studied Sri A or have any understanding of what he was saying? It seems that as far as this forum goes, only myself and GD Kumar have any actual knowledge of what he said.
From the fact that your were checking out the left, I'd intuit that you are a person who wants to see change in this world for the better. I don't think you'd be satisfied with a philosophy which is more about how to get out of this world than how it can be transformed.
The work is complex, and I think a structured approach is probably quite a good idea for anyone not used to studying philosophy or some related area. I wish you all the best in this enterprise, and I'm sure you will learn a lot and it will help you to grow.
On the personal level - I myself am ok - I have a lot going on at present, and I've had a busy and quite tumultuous year. I've had a period of doubts etc, which I'm glad to say is now behind me. Presently, I am feeling hopeful about the future. Altough I still have the greatest respect for Hindu philosophy in gen, and Sri A especially, I have been returning to my own roots in western culture, and to an extent in Christianity (of the mystical not the populist type), which I see as totally compatible with Sri A's ideas - perhaps more so than traditional vedanta etc. in some ways.
In a way, Sri Aurobindo can give you a whole new box of tools - experience shows, and necessity dictates that different people will use them in different ways. Perhaps this is part of the process by which the new energy is being infused into everything everywhere and fixed...Love & peace, BBB. PS - Did you know that Satprem has passed on last year?

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