Tuesday, December 30, 2014

To be exclusive and illiberal are real virtues

Hindu Nationalist minds must consider the fact that to be exclusive and illiberal are real virtues. To be inclusive or liberal leads to harm - mauna
Is there consensus amongst Hindu Nationalists that reconversions are a positive action & required? (Without linking it to evangelism etc) - mauna
Not going to earn any brownie for innate sense of fairness and decency . Ruthless purge of UPA stooges in academia and babudom needed now - pv
No Mr RSS chief PM NaMo is not just another swayamsevak and you are not his boss, come out of grand delusion - ka
Shourie's criticism helps us Indians see true worth or lack thereof of these "academicians". Read their laughable rebuttal. Let us not use religion as a shield to de-criminalise Aurangzeb. Referring to bringing out truth in history as "intellectual terrorism" is hallmark of seculars. - vs
@SudheenKulkarni Have you ever asked successive secular regimes to stop conversions? And stop pontificating about... - ji
enough to demand secularism in India. Do look up this link on Church role in Mizoram. - gh
Even blaming entire religion or followers on the basis of actions of a few of a religion is unsolicited as well. -ks
@Hashestweets  excellent new piece on the RSS: A new vision of India, 100 percent Hindu via @BV - wd
Quietly passing ordinance after ordinance by keeping people busy outraging about VHP/Bajrang Dal/RSS. Sham of a sarkar. -pc

As ignorance is an Asura, reconverting illiterates has doubtful value, can boomerang. -sb