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Photographs of her last journey

From overman foundation to date 20 November 2010 12:21 subject From Overman Foundation: Photographs of the Mother's Last Journey
Dear Friends,
On 20 November 1973 at 8. 20 a.m., the Mother’s physical body, which was kept in state since the early hours of 18 November, was put to rest in the Samadhi. The description of the Mother’s last journey from the Meditation Hall to the Samadhi vault, which was published in the November-December (1973) issue of Mother India, the Ashram journal, is as follows:
“A casket was made of one-inch-thick rosewood and the inside was lined with a pure silver sheet and over this was a lining of felt and then white silk satin. On the lid of the casket was fixed a symbol of the Mother in pure gold.
     At 8.00 a.m. on the 20th November, the Mother’s body was laid in the casket, which was then covered and sealed hermetically.
     The casket was carried to the Samadhi and lowered into the chamber just above the vault in which Sri Aurobindo’s body had been laid in 1950. Nolini and André scattered some rose petals over the casket and concrete slabs were placed to cover the chamber. There was then a meditation for about ten minutes.
      A running commentary on the event was given by All India Radio. After the meditation, wreaths and bouquets of flowers were laid on the Samadhi by the Government of Pondicherry, the French Consul and others…”
On this occasion we would like to share with all the children of the Mother some photographs of her last journey. To see the photographs, please click on the following link:
With warm regards, Anurag Banerjee
Chairman, Overman Foundation.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Turnout was less than usual because of incessant rains

People from all over the country paid homage to 'The Mother' at her memorial at Aurobindo Ashram here on the occasion of her 37th death anniversary on Wednesday. Devotees meditated before the memorial and also visited her room in the ashram premises, where she used to carry on her spiritual work. The Mother passed away on November 17, 1973.
Ashram workers distributed cards containing her messages to visitors. The turnout was less than usual because of incessant rains in the last two days. The Mother was a spiritual collaborator of the ashram founder Sri Aurobindo. The Ashram was established here in 1926.

Urmi Chackraborty, better known for her National Award winning film, Hemanter Pakhi (2002), said: “In the recent past, although women are coming up as potential film makers, the number of films made by them screened at KFF has shrunk.” Her 23-minute documentary — Trials of Sri Aurobindo — scans the spiritual leader’s ideology and concepts as a way of enlightening the present generation. 

From overman foundation date 17 November 2010 17:10 subject From Overman Foundation: Nolini Kanta Gupta's Message for 17 November 1973
Dear Friends,
A few hours after the Mother left her physical body on 17 November 1973 at 7.25 p.m. Nolini Kanta Gupta had issued two statements. We take this opportunity of sharing them with you today on the occasion of the Mother’s Mahasamadhi Day. 
    To read the statements please click on the following link:'s-message-for-17-november-1973/
With warm regards, Anurag Banerjee
Chairman, Overman Foundation.

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Rare letters written to Sri Aurobindo and articles written on him

From overman foundation date 16 November 2010 16:51 subject From Overman Foundation: Our Forthcoming Projects
Dear Friends and Well-wishers of Overman Foundation,

It gives me immense pleasure to announce to you all that three projects undertaken by Overman Foundation are ready for publication.
  • The first project is in Bengali and it is an anthology of about thirty-four unpublished poems of Nishikanto, the great poet of Sri Aurobindo Ashram whom Sri Aurobindo had called “The Brahmaputra of Inspiration.”
  • The second project is a study of Sri Aurobindo’s political life through British Government documents, press coverage and memoirs of his political associates as well as his own.
  • And the third project is the publication of the unabridged version of the Alipore Bomb Trial Judgment. 
To know about the details of these projects, please click on the following link:
The dates of the releases of the books would be duly announced. With warm regards, Anurag Banerjee
Chairman, Overman Foundation.

No court cases between Aurovilians

From Paulette to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date 16 November 2010 12:05 subject Can you post the attachment?
Tusar, Can you post the attachment?  Thanks 

Atrocious allegations being hurled, filthy laundry washed in internet public forums, guruship’s and divine wisdoms’ claims… No one in Auroville will ever be allowed to behave so. We have appointed our own specific bodies to ensure that no one trespass the threshold of decency. And of course, no court cases between Aurovilians!!!

If the fratricidal massacre among Ashram inmates leads to the GOI taking over, I pray that at least the Ashram will find another Kireet Joshi formulating an Act, like the one Auroville has, and which the day it is faithfully implemented will lead to the true, undiluted guidelines by the Mother. At least as far as property, business, and living by the minimum needs are concerned. Minimum needs being, in Mother’s recommendations for Auroville, the hallmark of a true spiritual consciousness directing from within one’s daily living.

To wash out the present horror, and as a prayer to the Mother, I reproduce the speech delivered on September 1, 1988 by Shri Shiv Shankar, Minister of Human Resources Development, to introduce to the Raya Sabha the Auroville Foundation Bill. This is Addendum III, in my book “The Auroville Foundation Act and the Mother’s Guidelines”, published in 2005 with funds from the GOI. […]

Why did Indira write to me about all this?

From Robert E. Wilkinson to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date 16 November 2010 09:13 subject Re: Sri Aurobindo Ashram Controversy
Hello again Tusar, This is turning out to be a busy day. Patrizia just sent a reply to Paulette's 'It was Kireet Joshi who ultimately saved the Ashram.'  Could you please post her reply to Savitri Era. Thanks Robert  

Skambha, 16.11.2010
People, even those supposedly 'there', participating in events closely, know little of what really happened. One sees only the surface because one is poised in the periphery.
            The fact is Auroville was handed over to the Government. That alone is enough to understand what that 'city of Sri Aurobindo' now stands for and where it is going. And about the consummate bureaucrat Kireet, without Government ownership he was out of the loop. He knew what had to be done. One may look at him as the greatest blessing ever to hit Auroville; that is one’s prerogative. But there is an objective, and not subjective, litmus test at our disposal, and he failed it. There is far more to the man than meets the eye, and to his relationship with Indira. Ask yourselves, why didn't Indira follow what he was asking of her? If he was so close and trusted, why did she write to me about all this? Obviously she had doubts.
            This latest diatribe from Auroville against me is understandable. It is a last-ditch attempt at any cost to discredit me, an unabashed almost hysterical desire to have me somehow removed from the scene. All that is understandable. After all, PNB is the only living being who, with authority, can state that the room at the centre of the Auroville temple is a shadow of the original, that it is an architectural rendition of the Ego and not the Soul, as it is proclaimed to be. Of course at all costs my voice must be silenced, my work discredited. Who wants to hear such things after so much labour and expense? The only thing to do is to shoot the messenger and the message!
            A question: What would the fate of the Mother’s most important legacy to humanity have been without PNB? There would not have been even this one voice to proclaim that what has been constructed in her name is a shadow of her original plan and bears only a relation to it as a shadow does to a body. Far worse. That shadow, but for PNB, was being passed off as an exact reproduction of the Mother’s original in every detail (there is documentary proof available on Would anyone have been able to discover the truth without PNB’s explanations, at great risk to herself from those quarters that must at all costs hide the truth?
            But it is too late. So, I send this message to these obfuscators: Now it is pointless to continue with the strategy of discrediting, mocking and ridiculing. The formulation of the body of Knowledge the Mother left with me on this matter is complete, published, and available to anyone interested. And one thing is certain beyond any doubt: POSTERITY WILL BE INTERESTED.
            Posterity will even be interested to learn just how the Ego itself can be so masterfully represented architecturally with all its ramifications. This has never been done before. The room in the Auroville temple is the only example we have. Certainly the world today, in its man-made portion for the most part, stands as representative of the Ego; but nowhere has it beenenshrined, consolidated with clinical accuracy as we find in the Auroville model so that we can know exactly where the fault lines lie and what must be avoided. Now we know, there can be no excuse.
            Someone with the authority Knowledge grants had to state the obvious since the Ego’s function is precisely to veil the obvious. If not, all could SEE, all would have joined the Mother then to build the Soul and not fight that Vision at every step of the way, even into the present.
            This is all documented.
            Nothing is speculative or left to one’s selective interpretation. In a court of law, trust me, I win the day! There one has to produce evidence. Not many are able to do so in the world of spirituality. But thanks to Supermind, this is now entirely possible. And it is this evidence that has been left to posterity. The Auroville model will stand for generations to come as the representation of the Ego, certainly not the Soul. Truly the Negative and the Positive serve the purposes of the One. Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, Director, Aeon Centre of Cosmology

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Paul Richard wrote the first hagiographic account of Sri Aurobindo's life

While the Congress Party has seen its domination in the states and in the center erode of late — it lost power in the 1970s following Indira's emergency ... Page 160 The Substance of Aurobindian Hagiography
Paul Richard (husband of Mirra Richard) wrote the first recognizably hagiographic account of Aurobindo's life when he published a highly laudatory speech in his book Dawn Over Asia.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Aware of the objection of “furtiveness” the author...": 
Sri Aurobindo certainly has no need for CUP's prestige to enhance His standing. Furthermore, a person could have his book published from a so-called prestigious university and yet have the intent to damage the reputation of the subject. The perfect example is Jeffrey Kripal with his book on Sri Ramakrishna in which he tries to impute motives of homosexual pedophilia as the well-springs of the love of that Master for his "boys". Could anything be more derogatory? And yet it is published from a "prestigious" Western/European academic institute. 
If I could play the prophet, if for nothing else then just for our mutual amusement, I would predict that you will eventually see the prestige of this Wall-Street + Fossil-Fuel based civilization crumble and along with it the prestige of CUP as well into the dust. Posted by Anonymous to Savitri Era Open Forum at 8:39 PM, October 19, 2010

Mirror of Tomorrow Re: Peak Oil and the Collapse of Industrial Civilization
by Anonymous on Mon 27 Sep 2010 08:17 AM IST  |  Permanent Link
I am certainly concerned with the issues you mentioned, but the terminal decline in oil production of which we are just at the cusp will have more "devastating" effects than possibly anything the human race has ever experienced. Deforestation, overfishing, and massive waste production have all been made possible through the availability of cheap energy, mainly oil. The nations are desperate to drill for oil near the North Pole because of the declining availability of the resource. Many argue that climate change has been greatly exacerbated because of the emissions produced by the burning of fossil fuels. It is estimated that about five billion people are able to exist only because of cheap oil.
Declining birth rates won't do the trick, but the effects of the downslope of global oil production and all the resulting problems related to it, namely financial collapse, food and water shortages, and grid failure and the human toll of these problems WILL destroy European civilization, just as they will destroy American civilization and completely reshape the world as we know it. In a purely mental way I see this period of epochal transition as a brilliant opportunity for a widespread evolution of human consciousness, free at last from the suffocating influences of capitalism, television, mainstream media, government propaganda, religious tyranny and the tamas resulting from over-reliance on technology. Reply

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Who is the fairest of them all?

2. Background & Intro
Background & Introduction of Mirror of Day After Tomorrow:
There are some blogs on the internet such as the “Mirror of Tomorrow” (, “A Critique of the book The Lives of Sri Aurobindo” (, etc., that have the pretense of being committed to objective, academic, respectful and honest discussions on subjects concerning spirituality and more particularly the spiritual path laid out by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.
However, in reality, these blogs are instead clearly operating as propaganda machinery designed to serve the purpose of a few personally motivated and disgruntled individuals. Because these disgruntled individuals are not taken seriously by most people that belong to their community, these individuals have resorted to using or rather misusing and abusing the world wide web in order to vindictively diffuse their propaganda material into the public space and domain. This approach is adopted by them with the hope of gaining some sympathy and garnering the support of simple-minded, innocent and naive well-wishers of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother who may be seeking to use the world wide web to keep in touch with their community.
While these disgruntled individuals are free to adopt any approach that they wish, the misleading, false, derogatory and slanderous information that they choose to propagate should not and cannot go unchallenged. When these individuals have been challenged on their blogs, they conveniently resort to their “rights” – determined by convenience and personal preference rather than ethics and integrity – to censor and remove any information that does not suit them.Ironically, these very individuals claim to uphold the rights of freedom of speech, thought and expression, but when it comes to their personal convenience all is forgotten and censorship becomes the order of the day.
This blog therefore provides a platform for all those who wish to challenge, discuss and critique the initiatives of these disgruntled individuals. It is hoped that this will be done in a really objective, academic, scholarly and honest manner. However, as experience from the past has shown, it is expected that exceptions shall be made when all reasonable and intelligent methods of holding frank and honest discussions fail. Thus when reason cannot convince stupidity, it will not hesitate to use stupidity to drive home its point.
Enjoy! Editors, MoDAT

3. History of Opinions & Expulsions
Someone who has made some history, especially in the realm of expulsions is R.Y. Deshpande. He is a perfect example of a self-proclaimed scholar, visionary and prophet and founder of the “Mirror of Tomorrow” blog site. […]
This time, still forever and chronically dedicated to HIS opinions, he was caught red-handed in his persistent attempt to sow and manufacture opinions in the fresh, innocent, naive and receptive minds of his students at the Sri Aurobindo International Center of Education (SAICE) where he was still allowed to teach and frequent given the extremely tolerant and liberal atmosphere that has been allowed to exits at the SAICE just as is the case in the parent institution, the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Evidently, as the brainwashing of innocent minds isn’t something that can be allowed in an institution such as the SAICE, Bye Bye Deshpande was reminded that he should better stick to his subject during class hours rather than engage in feeding his students with his personal and limited opinions on matters and issues that have no academic value, such as some of the controversies and disputes that he himself creates and instigates.
Deeply rattled and perturbed by the gentle rap that he got on his wrist from his seniors for his misadventure, Bye Bye Deshpande furiously retracted to his glassy den, the “Mirror Of Tomorrow”. But ironically without much reflection, he rushed to the rooftop and yelling, spewed out venom and insults. And once again his absolute dedication to HIS own opinions resulted in his passage out of another door, that of the SAICE this time, with the condition that he may re-enter if he expresses an apology, something that Bye Bye Deshpande might take a thousand years to learn given the earnestness and absolute dedication he faithfully preserves towards HIS own opinions.

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I haven’t met anybody yet who is living in the Universal consciousness

From Sunil to date 7 November 2010 20:47 subject For Paulette
To Paulette,
From where did you jump to the conclusion that I have jumped to the Supermind, or I am teaching others how to get there. What nonsense, and what other nonsense you have mentioned too.
Is this what you see? Too bad for you. You need to get that if you want to profit by this, the first thing you have to do is to surrender to the Divine nothing to do with me or anybody, surrender your ego and everything about you to the divine, then may be your inner self can open and break the outer crust of ignorance and individual limitation. After this happens then may be your consciousness is lifted and you have the sense of the Universal and I haven’t met anybody yet who is living in the Universal consciousness and Superemind is way way off, even way way off in understanding.  As long as the soul has not come forward the spiritual life itself does not begin. It is more of this ignorance and some preparation in that direction that is all. Sunil S R

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Strangers & relatives

A core claim of the modern Austrian school of economics as reflected in the work of Ludwig von Mises and F. A. Hayek is the possibility of social cooperation under the division of labor in the 'great society'. Strangers are brought into cooperation with one another through exchange.
This morning I heard a fascinating presentation by Paul Zak of Claremont Graduate School on Trust, Economic Freedom, and Development.  Zak's research in neuroscience has explored the biological bases of trust that complements the institutional work on economic freedom. Zak is current writing a book The Moral Molecule, and he maintains a blog at Psychology Today.

Comment posted by: Bireshwar Choudhury Re: Manoj Das Gupta demands apology from RY Deshpande
The matter, I said, was very plain to an outsider like me who is not dependent on the Trust for his physical needs. There are material and vital interests and this kind of story is as old as the hills, but I was a little aggrieved that it was repeating itself in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, for which I have deep regard.
If you want me to do research on Deshpande-ji, then I would recommend you to do some fact-finding on the present situation of the Ashram community at Pondicherry. The first question that I would like you to gather statistics on is “Who is whose relation, friend, relative, or close associate?” and how these various relations have affected them taking sides in this particular issue. You don’t have to be very intelligent to gather data on this, a simple headcount would do. […]
Sir, these are common factors in the life that we live outside! The first thing that you do when you want to get something done is to find who is whose relative and get the necessary roundabout connection!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Jung is for your own use

From Sunil to date 5 November 2010 14:45 subject For posting
Reply to Paulette or to the source from where these few paragraphs came?

I see your beliefs and your philosophy and your predictions. That is your seeing. Here we live and learn and do Sri Aurobindo’s yoga in which the basic requirement is to dissolve one’s ego so that the cup may become empty to receive the Mother’s Force and Harmony and its love. This pouring is going on constantly everywhere though concentratedly in the Ashram itself. And it requires a little opening to receive it, all the work is being done by them. Anybody sensitive has felt it and feels it.

But if the elementary ingredients are not present and you are open to your own personal self and its ignorance then the philosphies with reference to Carl Jung and other leaders who are great for you are valid and you use it for your own use. If you want to follow that that is fine but don’t come here and try to convince us that this too is that and nothing more. Peter has written a biography to prove that. All your efforts to make Sri Aurobindo ordinary and twisting his writings does not stop the future of the earth. It only delays the work which you type so desperately want so that the rule of the Ignorance remains strong and such managements flourish and people should be brought to live under fear. But there is work to be done a divine life to be established and whose end it is going to be we shall see. Sunil S R

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Falsehood is never permanent

from Sunil rajpal to date 4 November 2010 07:39 subject for posting 04
Poor Paulettte she too has fallen under the focus of the ashram wolves.  Please let her be. She does not breathe the same air of terror creating and fighting consciousness. How low it must be to be subjected to  your  wishes of manipulating even Mohini’s passing over to prove and support your begging bowl that you are stretching around to all humans nowadays about the case against you,  when you are doing so many unnecessary false cases on people who did not please you. Now some taste of our own medicine is coming around you are having difficulty with it, what about all the court cases you did and are doing against the innocent. How did I feel being dragged to court in a criminal case just because you can write something on paper and find witnesses and throw money around. After the Divine intervention when you started to lose your lawyer said “My Lord the Ashram Trustees are like semi gods and they say that I should be punished.”  
Are they semi gods or ordinary human beings and sometimes are criminals themselves specially Matri. If it wasn’t for the Mother’s power I would have been where you wanted me to be. Not everybody is lucky and survived. For a decade I had to salute even to the wolves so that they let me be and accepted your false accusations and beliefs killing myself slowly but this kind of life and management cannot go on forever people will see the truth about you one day or the other, Falsehood is never permanent.
You went against the true Ashram and what the Mother and Sri Aurobindo represent the consequences of which are bound to come around even if you manage to convince all the bystanders hiding under the umbrella of the Ashram’s name power and its money power. Sunil S R

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Remembering Mirambika

From RENU MEHRA to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date 2 November 2010 12:04 subject Re: Reply to Mr. Sunil S.R.
  Dear Tusar N Mohapatra jee,
                                                Namaste !!!
Thank you for this 'email that gives forewarning rebuke' to those who take pleasure in criticising others....
If  i am allowed my fancy, i may remember the sweet and psychic nature "
स्वभाव" of  some of the Mirambika (Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Delhi):-
teachers like Sulochana di, Namita and Anant who belong originally from Orissa/ Bhuvaneswar/ Cuttack. This remembrance is with deep regards and Adoration of The Mother /Shree Maa and Sri  Aurobindo !!!
I agree with the thought/ belief: - that "The Mother is Omnipresent....." plus Omniscient and Omnipotent...!!!

Mohini Dadlani

From Paulette to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" date 2 November 2010 11:36 subject Please post the following, also attached
Dear Tusar,
Please post the following, also attached. Is there an end to the bloodshed?
Mohini Dadlani, who joined the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in 1953, is no more. She had just taken her bath and collapsed on October 26, at 10 in the morning, the day of the second hearing for the court case against the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust.  Same time?
Aurovilians remember her as the lady in white, who used to accompany Kireet Joshi, whenever he came to Auroville during his six year tenure as Chairman of the Auroville Foundation. Appointed by the Mother as the registrar of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram schools, in 1976 Kireet became Indira Gandhi’s special adviser on education; in doing so he saved the Sri Aurobindo Ashram from being nationalized. Kireet is a renowned Aurobindonian and Vedic scholar and has authored many books. He was also a major champion of Auroville in its fight against the Sri Aurobindo Society that, for legal reasons, had defined Sri Aurobindo’s teachings as a religion. He is also the father of the Auroville Foundation Act that was approved by Parliament and which allowed the Government of India to put an end to the conflict and take over Auroville.
Kireet Joshi, who was one year senior to Mohini, was her teacher when she was studying philosophy at University.  She joined the Sri Aurobindo Ashram at 22, as soon as she completed her studies, and Kireet joined one year later. The Mother made them live in the same compound, appointing Mohini as Kireet’s secretary and making her learn how to cook in order to feed him.  Their relationship was purely spiritual and Kireet was her teacher for life.
Mohini wanted to know all that was happening in Auroville, even after Dr. Karan Singh replaced Kireet as Chairman, and she eagerly read the Auroville News as soon as she could get a copy. She was my friend and confident, and whenever I had something to convey to Kireet, Mohini invited me to have lunch with them. She had an incredible capacity for sympathetic listening and whenever I was upset because of some Auroville matter, or the present four court cases regarding Peter Heehs’s biography, she was there to give support and encouragement.
The last time I saw Mohini was on the eve of her death, with the court hearing scheduled for the next day. That morning I received the first horrific email from “Prof Kamal Das” and, in the afternoon, somebody, who is not even living here, gave me the anti-Ashram leaflet, which that gentleman had written. While picking up my bicycle, which Mohini had stored at her place, I told her that, in order to wash away the dark formation, I was on my way to visit J. K. K., the Mother’s attendant until 1962, during the time the Mother’s heart stopped due to being confronted by the false Sri Aurobindo (see the April conversations in the Agenda). My encounter with J. K. K. was extraordinary. When I returned to park my bicycle, Mohini was in the company of another old ashramite who, like Mohini, had joined the ashram in the fifties. I told both of them that I had just come across Kireet, who was merged in such a deep meditation that he remained unaware of my presence, and the three of us laughed heartedly. We remembered how J. K. K., who had joined the Mother in 1937 when she was twenty, was not allowed to live with her husband (he had come before her) or even speak to him. When their son also came, years later, he too had to live separate from either parent. Mohini and the lady mentioned other ashramites – starting with Nolini-da and his wife – who had been married to each other, without anybody else being aware of it. In those years the Mother applied the same strict rules to everyone.
I felt like flying in the sky, feeling as if the true Sri Aurobindo Ashram still was alive.  But back in Auroville, I found a second email from “Prof Kamal Das”, as monstrous as the first one. The next morning, the day of the hearing, somebody alerted me that “Prof” had posted in SEOF a sacrilegious excerpt from his first email to me. One hour later Mohini died. But only on November 1st (the day of the third hearing?)  I learned that my friend had passed away. In the West, this was All Saints day…
I was told that the day of the second hearing hundreds of ashramites, queuing up on the road, visited Mohini on her death bed, where she had lived, opposite to Ganesh temple. Were they aware of the concomitant happening, in the court? Not even major senior ashramites had been told that there is a fourth petition, this time directly hitting the Ashram trustees! I was the one who had informed Mohini, Kireet, Dolly (Nirodbaran’s niece), Kailash (the Mother’s representative for UNESCO), Richard (to whom the Mother had unveiled the significance of the flowers for the Matrimandir gardens, and with whom she played flower games)...  Lying at rest, Mohini had a faint smile on her face. She escaped these horrible events and was back with the Mother.
Apparently unrelated external events can be meaningfully related synchronistically, as Carl Jung informs us, and the Mother knew. The sudden death of my friend, the previous evening being in such high spirits, reminds me of a song composed during the dictatorship of Franco: “In Spain the flowers no longer wish to live, in Spain the flowers too die…”