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NOV 1, 2013

I would give  more importance to genuine seekers coming from outside or even locally from the town of Pondicherry, who are drawn by the sheer force of the Divine Mother and are ready to leave everything to come and practise Yoga at the Ashram. It is high time that the alumni realises that the Mother’s work extends far beyond the scope of the Ashram School and far beyond the jurisdiction of the Ashram Trust!
The Ashram is indeed now or will soon be a “Community Housing Society” with all its drawbacks and limitations. Arpit should have a first-hand look at the New Creation complex where hundreds of inmates presently reside. He should even stay there for a few days to gauge for himself the extent of deterioration in Ashram life. Many of the present inmates residing at New Creation can hardly represent the Old Creation (by which I mean normal society), leave alone embodying the New Creation of the Mother! In fact, it is commonly accepted that life at the Ashram has gone beyond the point of recovery from the point of view of sadhana. Nowadays you have to remind inmates of the original purpose of the Ashram, as if you are reminding them of their past lives! 
Fifty years of staying together have not produced a spiritual family but an ordinary family and a coterie, making just and fair administration impossible. 

NOV 8, 2013

At present it is clear that the Asura is busy building up his own armies against the Divine.  Most Ashramites are quite content to receive comfortable gifts, and they intentionally close their eyes and ears and don’t even want to know whether Sri Aurobindo and the Mother have been insulted in their own house. It is not that they are not aware of the declining standards and ideals in the Ashram, but they have adopted the bat-policy and have chosen to stand and enjoy the benefits by siding with the ruling power. It is not an exaggeration to point out that these pseudo-supporters will support the other side if there is a shift in the authority.

NOV 29, 2013

In that case, Auroville should also be considered as part of that falsehood because the Mother had originally given the task of building Auroville to Sri Aurobindo Society and not to those who rebelled against it and brought about a Govt. intervention! Navajat Poddar has indeed been so much demonised by Aurovillians that I would now like to believe that he was the Mother’s instrument! Why don’t the Aurovillians don’t even mention him as the man who first proposed Auroville to the Mother, who then used him as an instrument to execute it? It is high time that he should be given due credit for his role.
If the Aurovillians were harassed by villagers sent by Sri Aurobindo Society as has been alleged, then the Aurovillians were no less cruel in evicting people from their houses and throwing out the belongings of those who supported the Society or even remained neutral in the conflict. Not many people know that a number of cases were filed against them with the Police of Tamilnadu, all of which were withdrawn later. So both sides were not angelic in their behaviour! As a matter of fact, many of the early settlers were deeply disillusioned about Auroville during this period of conflict and left it for good. In any case, when the Society has reconciled itself to these unfortunate mishaps of the past, why don’t the Aurovillians also forget and forgive instead of taking every opportunity to take a swipe at it? After all, the Society has over 16000 members enrolled with it and has hundreds of centres around India and the world, where people only aspire to serve Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, and for whom differences between Auroville and  Sri Aurobindo Society don’t matter at all. Finally, I would like to remind the Aurovillians a millennium old truth, that any institution, be it Auroville, Sri Aurobindo Society or Sri Aurobindo Ashram, is only a means and not an end in itself!

DEC 14, 2013

Until the other day, Aurovillians were cursing the Ashram as a decrepit institution and looking down upon it. From where has this new-found respect for it suddenly come? Since when has Manoj Das Gupta become a paragon of virtue and an example of liberal values? It is quite obvious that this overnight support for him wells from the selfish interest of a few foreigners, who are more concerned about their own visas than the spiritual future of Sri Aurobindo Ashram! The name “Well-Wishers of Sri Aurobindo Ashram” should therefore be changed to “Well-Wishers of Peter Heehs” with Richard Hartz & Co. formally heading the propaganda wing of this vicious internet blog!

Finally, I might as well remind these foreigners, whom I suspect to be anonymously writing in theWell-Wishers’ forum, that they are not supposed to be indulging in the internal politics of other countries where they have been granted visas for the practice of Yoga. It is true that Sri Aurobindo and the Mother belong to everybody, and that everybody has a right to criticise, but there is a certain limitation on foreigners residing in India just as there is with Indians residing abroad.

MAR 24, 2014

What do you mean by “Labs” of our Masters when the Masters themselves are physically absent? They are of course spiritually present, but how many of us can constantly feel their presence apart from the  improbable fact of being constantly guided by them, in which case only we (especially those who are in charge of the administration) have a right to talk about the “labs of our Masters”? Otherwise, all that we have right now are the fading remnants of a great experiment in spiritual evolution which is facing gradual annihilation at the hands of the usual vital and physical forces that successfully operate in the world. I am not being overly pessimistic because I still believe that this great experiment can be continued, provided the present authorities of the Ashram accept that it is not their Ashram but Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s Ashram. It is only when this happens that a larger perspective can be arrived at and most of the present problems of the Ashram can be solved by the formation of a larger group of committed followers and disciples who will act in a more sensible and democratic way than the present miniscule group of autocratic Trustees. Basic democratic principles have been always spurned and flouted by the current administrative setup with the excuse that spirituality is not for the masses but for the elite, the underlying implication being that they, who are in power, represent the spiritual elite of the Ashram. But do they really?
Therefore, in the absence of people who are ruled by the higher Prakriti, the best alternative is to have a sufficiently democratic setup which will have checks and balances on those who are given the onerous task of governing others despite their inherent defects.
The Ashram is now run mainly by the spoilt children of the Mother, who pretend to be “sun-eyed children of a marvellous dawn” when they are actually full of common human defects. What they need is sober introspection and a good dressing-down by people with enough common sense to call a spade a spade!
For the information of all those who are interested in the Auroville judgment, the Sri Aurobindo Society finally lost the case against the Govt. not due to Sri Aurobindo’s teaching not being a religion (as so many people keep parroting) but because of a damning audit report on the misutilisation and diversion of a funds received from the Central Govt. 
Then the first thing to do is to wind up the democratic system in Auroville which many of the Ashramites actually admire and look up to. Filio basically wants to go back to the divine rights age of the kings in England or the brahmanical social order of India. 

MAY 12, 2014

GURU NINDA ― by Niranjan Naik

[There is a story behind this article. It was originally written in Oriya for the November 2008 issue ofNavaprakash by Niranjan Naik, who was its editor for the last 38 years. The Peter Heehs controversy had erupted around mid-August / September 2008, shocking the devotees and disciples of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. The question that figured most prominently in their minds was how an Ashramite could insult the Guru. Niranjan Naik answered the question indirectly 
When the Mother is so reactive to the slightest dilution of the Lord’s magnanimity and glory, then why should we, the disciples, tolerate it silently under the plea of maintaining peace, equanimity and harmony? Peace, equanimity and harmony are not static in our yoga. Dynamic and peaceful silence is also possible. If any member of our institution wilfully and deliberately abuses the Mother and Sri Aurobindo either through speech or written word, we should retaliate. Otherwise, it would be presumed in general that we are acknowledging to his deliberate and baseless abuse. If someone speaks against us, we could tolerate it, but never when it is against the Guru. Disciplinary action deemed proper according to the norms of the concerned institute has to be taken against such a person. Such persons, who openly blame and insult their masters in the public, undoubtedly consider themselves superior to the Masters. Therefore they should quit the institution and form their own institution. It is unethical to remain in the institute and falsely portray the Mother and Sri Aurobindo as ordinary beings.

Apart from these external measures, inner measures are more important. We have to sever all our relations; even in our consciousness we should dissociate with such persons.
Niranjan Naik

JUN 12, 2014

Anti-Hindu Rant on the SAICE Forum – Sridharan

Sridharan: Prophet cum Historian Benimadhav Mohanty Speaks, or shall we say more appropriately, Beni Speaks Nonsense Again!

The following is a forward sent to the SAICE forum by Benimadhav Mohanty, an SAICE product! (The quality of academic production in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Centre of Education, Pondicherry, certainly seems to have hit the rock bottom.  It is perhaps time to infuse some foreign funding to raise the standards!) What Benimadhav has forwarded on 8 June, 2014 is an atrocious rant on Hinduism by another ex-student to his brother in Australia. 
What we presently see in India is the clash of materialistic forces with spiritual forces. India has woken up at last and is coming to terms with Life, which it had rejected for many centuries. Vitality and Mayavad hardly go together, hence the incompatibility and confusion. The first instinct is to forget about other worldly spirituality because it has ceased to pay any returns, and go for material fulfilment at all cost. Go for it the whole hog and the best way to do it is to copy the West. This leads to a severe imbalance individually and collectively, because hidden in the subliminal of the Indian, the age old values operate even he wants to reject them. Individually, this disequilibrium can turn him into a pervert or a crackpot. Collectively, this leads to gross inequalities in the struggle for wealth and pleasure, which often gets translated into crime.

This is not a justification to go back to the glorious past. For advance we must, both technologically and spiritually. But meanwhile, apparently opposite movements and forces are as if locked in a deadly mortal combat such as: spiritual mastery vs sexual revolution, individual gain vs social contribution, modern ideas vs ancient truth, and finally Hinduism vs Western civilisation. These knots have been unravelled by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and they have shown humanity a vast multi-layered scheme of evolution where each one can find his own place. Thus with the help of their teachings and invisible aid, we can not only aspire to practise the high ideals of Integral Yoga but, when we are not ready for it as is most often the case, live a life of dignity with the right priorities in place. This should make us not only worthy followers of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, but also self-confident Hindus who need not be ashamed of Hinduism!

JUL 11, 2014

If the effort to reform the Ashram administration is successful, it would surely mean the resurgence of the spiritual role of the Ashram in India and abroad. This role has been completely trampled under the feet of the present Trustees, who are not only themselves under the grip of sex, wealth and power, but also encourage the same vices in others in order to get their support. If the force behind the effort to change the present Trust Deed is really so frightful, then how frightful must be the force that is working behind the senseless insult of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother in their own Ashram and by their own disciple! You have very cleverly bypassed this basic issue. Your prayer is therefore ridiculous. Moreover, you have prayed to let the Divine’s Will be fulfilled. So what is the necessity of praying for the failure of the effort of Niranjan-bhai’s group? If that is necessary, will not the Divine Will do it? Again how can you be an ordinary person when all the knavery required to protect and encourage the misdeeds of the Trustees are provided by you and another knave of the Trust office?

Mr. Das, you are not only praying but adopting all sorts of means to make the position of your Lord Manoj Das Gupta as secure as possible, which is necessary for your own security. Some people have even seen you at this ripe age running from Delhi to Odisha with brief cases apparently full of the offerings of devotees. Is this true, and if it is true, can you please explain me the purpose of these missions? You recently attempted to influence some important persons, including  ministers and ex-Governors, with the weight of your titles to put pressure on the Government of Odisha to withdraw the ban on Peter Heehs’s book.

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