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Sri Aurobindo and The Mother have proposed just one eternal solution

I think it is a great idea to try creating anthologies. But it would be great if you could help me understand this better. You say -'Sri Aurobindo's own words may not be quite apposite for specific current issues’, and that we could do this 'sans the compulsion of citing Sri Aurobindo' as 'the solutions The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have foreseen are far away’. In that case, why is the call then for Sri Aurobindo’s followers? For whether they quote Him or not, His views, primarily, ought to form their opinion. 

And Sri Aurobindo does need a context to be relevant, even if we are speaking of today’s sociopolitical issues. Of course, He does not have a specific answer for every headline in todays newspaper, but then the mystery of the cosmos or the destiny of earth is not defined by events of a season. And Sri Aurobindo and The Mother have proposed just one eternal solution for ALL the maladies of man - Transformation of consciousness. Historians, scholars, journalists, political analysts cannot be expected to understand or follow His words and so intellectual gymnastics is their means and end. But if one identifies themselves as His follower, by the virtue of being so, His Yoga is supposed to be the basic foundation of their belief system. How exactly do they help in supplementing the present discourse by not discussing things in the light of His teachings.

It's not "by not discussing things in the light of His teachings" rather by discussing things in the light of His teachings is what I had in my mind. However, individual inspiration is paramount and must be followed as the occasion demands. [TNM55]
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

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I have expanded and slightly amended Purani’s notes

The second type of distortion is to rewrite a quote in order to suit the sinister intentions of the author which is clearly to put Sri Aurobindo ‘naked’ in front of the world and to tell it: ‘ this is the Aurobindo you have been adulating and admiring! Now you may judge for yourself”. For example, on page 326-27 Peter recounts the “surprising development” of “Aurobindo and Mirra on one side, Paul and the others on one side.” Here the author writes about the conversation between Paul Richard and Sri Aurobindo which was around the “relationship” between Mirra and Sri Aurobindo. In an apparently guiltless manner he quotes from AB Purani’s book but we can see very well the dangerous game in Peter’s mind when he distorts the quote from Purani.
If one does not begin by assuming the author’s “sinister intentions” and imagining a “dangerous game in Peter’s mind,” it is quite possible to read this entire passage without finding in it any conflict with one’s adulation of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, as many have done. It would be unfair to Sri Aurobindo to attribute to him the rather clumsy English of Purani’s notes. These were written several years after the events in question on the basis of interviews with those who were present at the time. The substance of these notes is presumably more or less reliable, since neither Purani nor those he interviewed would have deliberately invented anything, but the wording is not the impeccable English we expect from Sri Aurobindo. Under such circumstances, a biographer has a right to paraphrase. The fact that Purani’s version is reproduced in a note at the end of the book shows that Heehs is being honest and not playing the “dangerous game” that Reddy gratuitously conjures up.
Instead of maintaining the original text of Purani which says “He said in whatever way the disciple will aspire for me he will get me as such [possibly an allusion to Bhagavad Gita 4.11]” Peter writes ‘in the interest of coherent dialogue, I have expanded and slightly amended Purani’s notes regarding this incident”. So he does (I do not know what authority he has got to amend the original text of Purani) and writes: “Aurobindo said that it would take any form that Mirra wanted.” By this slight amendment the whole spirit has changed and it suggests very impudently the secret “relationship” between Sri Aurobindo and Mirra; it is as if Sri Aurobindo was interested in Mirra and if she consented he would be all ready for the marital tie up!
Heehs actually makes it quite clear that neither Sri Aurobindo nor Mirra had the slightest interest in marriage, which was brought up only by Paul Richard. Sri Aurobindo’s reply was obviously meant only to help Mirra free herself from Richard’s influence. In any case, readers of the book have already been informed that even Richard’s marriage with Mirra was only a legal formality, with none of the usual implications of that contract, and that their relationship was “one of intellectual and spiritual collaboration” (p. 254). There is no reason to believe that Heehs intended any “impudent” suggestions in his presentation of this scene. However, it may be argued that he would have been wiser to keep in mind the sensitivities of a certain type of prospective reader and omit some of the details.

The Lives of Sri Aurobindo: A Biography
Peter Heehs - 2008 - ‎Religion
In the interest of coherent dialogue, I have expanded and slightly amended Purani's notes regarding this incident, which read: “(One day P. R. came & asked him  ...

Historical Documentation - A critique of "The Lives of Sri Aurobindo"
Apr 13, 2012 - In the interest of coherent dialogue, I have expanded and slightly amended Purani's notes regarding this incident, which read: “(One day PR.

Distortions of Quotations - A critique of "The Lives of Sri Aurobindo"
May 18, 2011 - ... “in the interest of coherent dialogue, I have expanded and slightly amended Purani's notes regarding this incident.” In the name of “coherent  ...

Objectionable Extracts from the Lives of Sri Aurobindo by Peter Heehs
Apr 11, 2012 - In the interest of coherent dialogue, I have expanded and slightly amended Purani's notes regarding this incident, which read, “(One day P.R.  ...

Savitri - The Book that Bombed by Krish Patwardhan | The Light of ...
Dec 17, 2011 - In the interest of coherent dialogue, I have expanded and slightly amended Purani's notes regarding this incident, which read: “(One day PR.
The above passages show the deep and sublime relation of Sri Aurobindo and Mirra, which hardly goes with the stormy break and marital rearrangement that is presented on pp. 326-27. In fact, this passage, when read with the others, seems totally decontextualised and stands in stark contradiction to them. It is this method of constantly doubting and contradicting himself that I find erroneous. Peter Heehs will argue saying that he is presenting the pros and cons of the topic under discussion, but, on a closer scrutiny, you find that the negative and positive statements he makes contradict each other because of the enormous difference of the fundamental notions of life you generally assume before making any statement. [...]
Take this particular case. Heehs writes eight wonderful passages on the spiritual relation of Sri Aurobindo and Mirra, which he ought not to have written at all if he did not believe in it. At the same time, he makes one opposite statement from the materialistic point of view, which demolishes or nullifies the content of the eight. The overall effect on the reader is such that he is likely to dismiss the content of the eight passages. The conclusion he will draw is that despite all the talk on bhakti, physical transformation and freedom from sex, Sri Aurobindo’s relationship with Mirra was that of plain marriage, and, in that respect, was not much different from that of any other married couple. But then why did Heehs write the eight passages corroborating their spiritual association because that too does not go with sex and marriage?

Heehs compares Mirra’s capacity for spiritual surrender to that of the great Indian bhaktas (on p. 258), how she felt fulfilled in her inner life as never before during her first visit to Pondicherry (p. 260), how deeply she was interested in Sri Aurobindo’s ideal of divinising the body (p. 323), how she had mastered the sexual desire (p. 329); had a spiritual relationship with Aurobindo (p. 329); was obviously going to become his chief disciple (p. 329); that the very condition for staying in Sri Aurobindo’s house was a total renunciation of sex (p. 335) and that she took charge of the new creation after the descent of the overmind in 1926 (p. 345). How can all these conceivably go with the passage on pp. 326-27 where Heehs presents the coming together of Sri Aurobindo and Mirra as an ordinary marital rearrangement? Further, how do you explain the use of the word “partner” (which has a clearly sexual connotation) in referring to her on p. 381? This is surely not an objective presentation of facts! It is rather self-contradiction and duplicity.

Science, Culture and Integral Yoga :: Corrections to textual excerpts ...
Sep 27, 2008 - In the interest of coherent dialogue, I have expanded and slightly amended Purani's notes regarding this incident, which read: “(One day P. R.  ...

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The Mother had appointed Dwarka Prasad as Manager of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Delhi Branch

Late Shri Surendra Nath Jauhar may have foreseen destruction of the Mother’s Ashram by his successors Dear Old-timers of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Delhi Branch: You would recall that in April 1968, the Mother had appointed Shri Dwarka Prasad to be the Manager of...
Dear Old-timers of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Delhi Branch:
  1. You would recall that in April 1968, the Mother had appointed Shri Dwarka Prasad to be the Manager of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Delhi Branch. The letter written by the Mother appointing him is there in his book on ‘Avatar’. Presently, Shri Dwarka Prasad lives in the Pondicherry Ashram and works with the Reception.
  2. Could you please recall what late Shri Surendra Nath Jauhar told Shri Dwarka Prasad, the Manager of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Delhi Branch, about the person never to be allowed to run the Ashram lest it be destroyed?
  3. Don’t you think that by dishonoring the last wish of late Shri Surendra Nath Jauhar about Mirambika and a teachers training wing running from the land leased by DDA to SAES (and by tolerating such blasphemy), the Ashram is being destroyed for ‘utilitarianism’ – which the Mother spoke against per Ms. Tara Jauhars’s own book?

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Rishi Kalam, Mahatma Modi

Spirit of Hindutva @_Mauna_
Be strong in Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit. Always have fun ! If you are morose and crabby, you are a Bad-Ad for Hindutva. Change :-)

Why are some folks automatically assuming Civilized = Soft ? All the greatest, most creative civilizations were also armed to the teeth.
@ArmchairPseph Quite true. This seems the ultimate ideological war we are waging against liberalism. Regression bcms our ally.
@DeathEndsFun @Samratx Amazingly, also implies Gandhi wasn't soft enough to lure Jinnah away from his demand. Old hat argument.
@DeathEndsFun @Samratx What needs accepting is if Jihad equals a non-Jihadi insurgency. Intensity is no factor here. Intent is.
Understand clearly. Muslims have and will always carry a different emotional pack than the Hindus. We can't be one. We can only "get along"
@jsaideepak It's an undeniable fact that Kalam's essential Hinduness made Sec-Libs oppose him virulently & confused lay Muslims no end.
Please do not oppose any notion asserting Abdul Kalam was more Hindu than Muslim. Do not stupidly say, "he was Secular". He was indeed Hindu
Critical difference between Gandhi & Kalam - Gandhi betrayed Hindus. Kalam owned them. Little wonder such overwhelming affection for Kalam.
Read the column again. Must say I agree with Zakaria completely.
Hindu brothers & sisters, just for clarity's sakes-In a Full Franchise democracy, Sec-Libs are Ex-Majority. Minorities can't be Sec-Lib.
Dear Hindus, it's in the nature of Sec-Libs to do things that will madden u. My suggestion - be cool, sip beer, work hard & stick it to them
It is mathematical - Human Being + Secular-Liberalism = Cultural Self Loathing + Treachery
Most of the Hindus blabbering about the funeral procession also blabbered about Kalam being an ideal Muslim. You fellows are equally blind.
The same thing goes for all Sec-Lib publications. Kalam was always hated because he was a Hindu. Not because he was a great Muslim.
@rupasubramanya @TheJaggi @MalikAshok Q - If man has no right to take man's life, does he possess the right to confine another for life?
@KanchanGupta @centerofright @MukulAgarwal66@ThinkersPad BJP was burdened with two false slogans - Gandhian Socialism & Pseudo Secularism+
1. The media has never been friendly towards the BJP or indeed, any Hindu organization because we aren't purveyors of good-looking copy.
2. Our inherent message is *thorny* to say the least. It is not polite drawing room chit chat. Our agenda is harsh & real. Not illusory.
@Flyfiddlesticks I agree man. My goal is to convert my kids into big time bigots. That's prolly the only way to remain sane.
@SandipGhose Visceral dislike is positive. I wd shudder at any friendship btwn liberals & nationalists @swapan55 @ReshmiDG @HartoshSinghBal
@ajaishukla The entire edifice of secular-liberalism rests on an assumption. Hindu Nationalists much closer to reality.
1. We have still to come to grips with a core intellectual dissonance. Sec-Lib "coherence" Vs Hindutva "incoherence" on issues.
2. The fact is there is no secular-liberal coherence. There is certainly secular-liberal obfuscation of reality and pipe dreaming solutions.
3. OTOH, there is Hindutva coherence for the simple reason that it does not obfuscate reality. Therefore, it bcms "crude" and lacks PC.
4. When it comes to discourse, what Hindutva lacks is sharp public intellectuals who will actually speak & insist on speaking these truths.
5. You will never see a sec-lib hesitating to say he abhors nationalism. U will never hear the other side saying thy abhor internationalism.
6. Hindutva oriented public intellectuals have in reality outsourced real discourse to lesser mortals on twitter aka "trolls".
7. The Hindutva "trolls" OTOH, have no appreciation for such faux decencies displayed by such public intellectuals on their side.
8. This is the microcosm but it tells us about the state of affairs wrt intellectual activity in the Hindu Nationalist camp.
9. In this atmosphere, Modi Sarkar has no option but not to encourage "open debate" on its own. It will do by stealth.
10. A fine illustration of this is the Hindu citizenship issue. No public intellectual in Hindutva camp wrote 5 words about its true import
11. Modi Sarkar could never depend on such "intellectual resources". But they simply went ahead and did the right thing. This is template.
12. This template will be used until public intellectuals on our side learn to shed decencies & friendships and speak plain facts instead.
I have respect for "trolls" who scream their lungs out trying to get facts heard. Public intellectuals shd coach/guide. Not counsel silence.

Govind Nishar @govindnishar
All the world's possibilities in man |
Are waiting as the tree waits in its seed:
... | The unborn gods hide in his house of Life.

Islam is a political not spiritual force in the world. Its "religion" is the extinction of the indvidual in the group thru deep conditioning
 Like socialists capitalists 2 liv in their own fantasy world filled w/ ppl who have money (customers) & who get money (business) (1/2)
While the reality is a world in which the vast majority fall into a totally different category of people who just need money (2/2)
.@ranjanagra11 @HinduDefense larger pt here is the left/liberal colonization & enslavement & conversion of Hindus who only remain so in name
@madhukishwar @devinderraiji BJP should rename itself to Bangle-wearing Jokers Party.
@HinduAmericans @NaMoGR8 Hindus have been so bullied they will not utter a word in support of Hindus. Not even @narendramodi will do that
@NaMoGR8 Hindus go around saying "Indian first","Hindu-Muslim bhai" & watch silently as Hindus keep getting butchered by Muslim "Indians"
@prabhsanjeev @ojforu Idon't think these ppl know ABC of realpolitik. They are 2 nice & soft 4 that. Modi is trying 2 b all-loving Mahatma
@chittaljain @NeelakshiGswm @AquariusAnkit @tajinderbagga Hinduism is above religion. It is "dharma", the self-culture of rishis like Kalam
.@AquariusAnkit @NeelakshiGswm @tajinderbagga He was a Hindu in Muslim clothing. He followed Gita etc which made him a heretic i.e. a Murtad
.@AquariusAnkit @tajinderbagga @NeelakshiGswm Being Hindu u shudnt hesitate 2 ask others 2 bcum Hindu. Kalam was no follower of violent cult
No good can come out of d hate cult of a violent madman. Surely #AbdulKalam was no monomaniacal Islamic lunatic but an all-loving Hindu sage
Thinly veiled racist rant of a left-poisoned Westoxified mind. Deranged lefty loons only know 2 hate India & Indians
.@MaliniP mental slaves of the West like u will feel proud to b associated w/ any Gora authorities. Ur a pitiful self-Hating puppet, mam
.@sagarikaghose this -ive description applies to anti-Hindu trolls in d media like u. Hindus speaking out against u r tru heroes, not trolls
.@Moskvaa @rksinghghodasar @BDUTT getting under ur skin is ample compensation 4 the price of a few casual tweets. A taste of ur own medicine
@KiranKS @rgopalv Hindus will always remain terrorists in the eyes of #gorabhakt lefty converts who want to destroy all that is native 2 Ind
.@DivyaSoti WTH is wrong with these ppl? They need 2 b locked up in a mental asylum. Weird pro-Jihadis should be called the #tamashabrigade
The much bandied about "equality" of Islam is in fact its worst attribute, an enforced homogeneity of beliefs & intolerance of differences.
Hindu response in '93 Mumbai riots was a necessary action in face of Muhmadan barbarism aided by secular connivance.
.@anirvanas @maidros78 @SarupGhosh @sarkar_swati @hstapanghosh @prasunmaitra despite its divine founders RKM pervertd by secular pretensions
@rainaamit @Neelam_Soti Worse. By betraying its own core ideology BJP is now exposed s nothing but a "secular" power-seeking Congress clone
Whys @narendramodi allowing Indians enemies to sabotage the country & destroy it. Mere hathon mein nau nau chudiyan!
@Shehzad_Ind @HDLindiaOrg So u c no difference between Hindus wanting to keep their homeland Hindu & Muslims who want 2 take over the world?
@chetan_bhagat Nothing private abt porn. Its made for public consumption & is regulated by public authorities. Stop talking like a teenager.
1 mor U-turn gaffe by Bakwaas Joker Party. Instead of showing a backbone it melted like vanilla ice-cream on porn ban
@MrPolyatheist Moral opposition need not be religious & values of all societies need not confirm homogeneously 2 Western liberal doctrines.
@JDawg_Nation @MrPolyatheist perhaps but morals themselves are relative. One cultures vice is another's virtue or even necessity.
To "tolerate" Christianity or Islam is to facilitate to whatever degree or extent the cultural & religious genocide of all native traditions
.@gary_1980in wonder y white supremacist creeps at @thedailyshow don't make similar comments about Allah or call blacks "niggers" for fun.
.@RajeevSrinivasa @prasannavishy @TheEconomist Its not so much Whites lecturing us that is the prblm so much as we worshipping them as gods.
@manikbhardwaj83 @sriniscool Indian "secularism" is nothing but anti-Hinduism. It does not stand for non-religious govt, but non-Hindu India
.@ShekharGupta Its self-righteous irresponsible & inimical scum lik u thats at war with Indian & Hindus. U ought 2 b prosecuted 4 treason.
@abpnewstv India mein sekular media khud ko judge, jury, executioner to kya  Ishwar bhi samajhtaa hai. Subka malik ek: $$
A timid Modi seems to have been traumatized by his brutal victimization at the hands of secular bullies/mafia for 02
@DumpTheGandhis_ resistance cant explain total absence on his part of any adherence to Hindu nationalism & trying 2 b a Mahatma who luvs all
@DumpTheGandhis_ hes limited himself to safe/non-controversial initiatives like Ganga Yoga etc that still allow him 2 play "secular" gud boy
Monotheistic religions that believe each 1 alone is true & all else r false/evil can best b described as "Enemies of all & friend 2 none"
@SandBhatt2407 already given eg: failure to decisively eliminate Sonia & her Congi crowd, arguably greatest internal threat India's faced
Too late. BJP only serves BJP. Hindus r least of its concerns. Atal this, Deendayal that. No place 4 Rama or Krishna
@s_khushu thats wat BJP uses against Hindus. At least seculars exploit Muslims this way. "Hindutva-vadi" BJP sickos exploit their own people
.@taslimanasreen @SarashBha not just Indians. Y left-libs pro-Islam in every non-Muslim ctry? Its the defining blind-spot of the global left
@himanshujainon @taslimanasreen Hindus have to bring bak Muslim converts in2 their fold. This is the sine qua non for Indias/Hindus survival
@SarashBha @taslimanasreen Which makes the fierce loyalty of left-lib "seculars" to Islam all the more perplexing.
Veil was removed day 1. MMS was a PM reduced to the status of a peon & a lap dog. Fascist Sonia subverted democracy
.@SanghParivarOrg @ashimasingh99 y it took almost 2 yrs for the Bangle-wearing Jokers Party to speak about this issue? Bunch of eunuchs.
Of course "development" means the Bangle-wearing Joker's Party wont do anything about this ongoing Islamic invasion.
.@DDNewsLive @vikas1689 @arunjaitley incompetent impotent whining is the hall-mark of Bangle-wearing Jokers Party. Eunuchs cant fight 1 gori
@SandBhatt2407 Bofors-Quatrocchi, black money, land deals, unconstitutional subversion of democratic institutions, pervasive bribery culture
.@rammadhavbjp Excellent article on d crux of @narendramodi's domestic & foreign policy: Pre-empting Chinese hegemony in Indian Subcontinent. Must read

Young, Pollockists & other American Orientalists have no other motive save to enforce this double-standard of one-sided free-speech for an exclusive clique of appropriately Westernized elite few who will dominate & ultimately drown out the voices of native heathens. The long-term political motive behind the academic cover is to soften up these native heathens via a battery of sophisticated calumny & intricately crafted ridicule, gradually loosening & ultimately severing the bonds that tie them to their native traditions so that they become ripe for colonization by invasive universalist Western ideologies such as Young’s Christianity or the Leftism/Liberalism that dominates Western & even higher Indian English academia.

This is the Duality at work. There can be no progress without opposition. One cannot even run without having a hard ground under the foot, which opposition has to be pushed to be able to run. These two forces are always in operation, the Divine which moves forward and the Asura or the Titan which opposes.