Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Peter Heehs must be ousted from Ashram

  • 8 May Mihir Jha @MihirKumarJha @bibekdebroy @abhinavagarwal: Anything and everything written by Sri Aurobindo is the most authentic of all. @SavitriEraParty
  • 8 May Anshuman Kumar @AnshumanSunny @gopimaliwal @SavitriEraParty ok. hands up. apologies.
  • 8 May Gopi @gopimaliwal @SavitriEraParty yes, I agree. IMO, nNo innocent s/die; even guilty ones, only at hands of state / law autho, not us. @AnshumanSunny
  • 8 May Amit Malviya @malviyamit @SavitriEraParty Operation Green Hunt was stopped by UPA. Refer Digvijay Singh's open letter to PC in 2010. No will. NCTC no panacea.
  • 8 May Amit Malviya @malviyamit @SavitriEraParty I think it has less to do with NCTC and more to do with lack of political will in the State Govts.
  • 8 May Gopi @gopimaliwal @SavitriEraParty and contrast that to how much space spent on Q Nehru-Gandhi Mother-Pappu Jodi~ There already is: just read our ELM~ It is a common trait among conservative org! 
  • Mukund Naidu @mukundnaidu @SavitriEraParty @Aagan86 They prefer to be lost in poetry rather than face reality.
  • Mihir Jha @MihirKumarJha Sri Aurobindo's Message on the occasion of his own birthday and India's Independence. Must watch 4 all 
  • Mihir Jha @MihirKumarJha @SavitriEraParty Peter Heehs must be ousted from Ashrama. Ashrama must alienate itself from any and every Peter Heehs!
  • Kunal Dave @kunal_nd @SavitriEraParty totally agree heehs has complete freedom of speech but outside the premises of Archives and Ashram.
  • Kali's Brood @kalisbrood @SavitriEraParty Btw, Heehs is not any different from most western scholars who interpreted Vedas/Upanishads..they see what want to see!

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