Friday, May 4, 2012

Mihir Kumar Jha

Tweets Dr Manmohan Singh  @PM0India First @calamur claims she won't have problem if someone wrote about her parents having sex, and then she claims it's obscene. 4 May
Dr Manmohan Singh  @PM0India Typical of how secular intellectual like @calamur try to play victim after engaging with over excited debaters like @MihirKumarJha
Mihir Jha  @MihirKumarJha - @GetAbhi: No No. Who said? I just asked her if she wud write a forward of the book which talks of her dad's sex life & she got angry:( 2:33 PM - 5 May 12
Mihir Jha @MihirKumarJha Harini Calamur wd defnd the rights of a *ard like Peter Heehs & Romla Thapar who talks of her father's erexction. Follo her. M happy blockd 9:40 PM - 4 May 12 
Mihir Jha  @MihirKumarJha Peter Heehs speaks history and Sri Aurobindo speaks Nonsense. Hai na? Ans @calamur has hearts to defend peter Heehs? Hai Na? Why block?
Mihir Jha  @MihirKumarJha Romila Thapar says,"politics bhind banning a book shd be studied" & it gets seconded by @nsaikia @IndLit and @calamur Hw abt Author's pol?
Mihir Jha @MihirKumarJha Talk freedom of speech with me Harini Calamur, The London Educated… Talk No! Why Blok? Its freedom of speech! Hw abt@pragmatic_d 11:09 PM - 4 May 12
Mihir Jha  @MihirKumarJha Twitter is a funny place. Here u find guys like @calamur who claims to have high ideals but loves talking of her dad's sex life :-)
Mihir Jha  @MihirKumarJha Twitter is a funny place where u find likes of Anna Hazaare fans going berserk on a polite tweet of urs in the name of Civil Society!
Mihir Jha  @MihirKumarJha - @SavitriEraParty There r only 2 things that we can do. We can sue Heehs for anti-indian works & we can spread right teachings of Master!

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