Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Let us continue to trust their wisdom

Dear Radhikaranjan,
     I fully believe that the report of your discussion with the School Committee is accurate. I have always appreciated your sincerity and hard work.
           On many public forums, I have strongly criticized Peter Heehs and his book. But have I ever written a single word against Manoj Das Gupta and the Ashram Trustees? They had lovingly taken care of you and me when we were young children, expecting nothing in return. Can we ever forget those past years?
     The Ashram Trustees are so much senior to us. Let us continue to trust their wisdom. You have made a terrible mistake in writing those unhealthy words against the Ashram Trustees. Please apologise unconditionally and resume your normal life. So that, your students  may continue to benefit from your teaching.
     Rest assured that I will never misguide you.
     With best wishes,
                        Your friend
                        Dr. Jitendra Sharma


  1. This is a very surprising letter, from a senior member of the family. When the controversial book has raised so much criticism and objection from a very wide section of concerned devotees, and when the repressive actions by the Managing Trustee has been recorded and resented by many, how do you write "Let us continue to trust their wisdom". Where do you find this sudden wisdom in action? Do you support the book by Peter?

  2. Dear Dr. Sharma: Peter has been a branded Guru-Drohi, and you have rightly expressed your criticism on his book. But there are others, like the Managing Trustee himself, who have opted (out of his own wisdom?) to indirectly support Peter and his book. Are they not equal partner in this act of Guru-Droha? What stops you from voicing your due criticism and indignation of their action? If another person has come forward to open his voice on this Guru-droha, why should you get upset?